Sunday, July 22, 2012

A very merry Blogiversary to me

Hello darlings,
It's been a year and a couple days since I started my blog and I don't have that much to type so I'll say it mostly in photos:

Monday, July 16, 2012

Piglet for the Piglet

Hello my lovely lovelies,

I wanted to share with you one of my more recent projects I had worked on. One of my old friends from college days got married last year and he and his wife just had their first adorable little one. And, being the card carrying kid hater that I am, complimenting a kid is saying a lot! *grin* 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I should not be left unsupervised

 I went to Talbots after a job interview because I wasn't THRILLED with my outfit I was wearing this morning. Nothing bad... a black pencil skirt, an ivory drape neck shell (light weight) with a cami under neath and then my black blazer. But all that black and esp a blazer? I was ROASTING!! So I ran into Talbots to see if I could find anything to wear instead of a blazer (but then again .. what else appropriate for an interview??) and I tried on a bunch of tops. I didn't find anything I was thrilled with and I was getting over heated so I said forget it and I left ...
I was walking down the hall to leave (I park right out side the door of Talbots at the mall) and a woman is on her phone lookin at me, jugingly and ... i'm feeling self conscious because I left the suit coat in the car... because again ... it's HOT.. so I was sleeveless and the shirt clings a bit to my fat belly but the cami and the way the shirt lies kinda helps the belly thing... anyway ... I notice that my shoulders feel... different ... a lil breezier ...
 I look down and notice that my ivory shirt looks very ... WHITE ... and then I realize ... I took my shell off to try shirts on ... and then HUNG IT UP with the shirts in the store I didnt want ... AND LEFT in just my cami undershirt!! My big ol fat boob bra straps were hangin out in all their glory for ALL TO SEE!!!! I went back in and I'm laughing at myself and the girl at the counter caught my eye and smiled and said hi at me and I'm busting at the seams and I lean in and I tell her what I just did and ... yeah .. she wanted to lose it. She managed to keep her composure (how???) and said 'do you think its still in there? ' and I laughed and said 'i hope so!!!!' 

I went back to the dressing room and it was hanging there and there was a woman (a customer) flipping through the hangers checking out the clothes and stopping at my shirt and I giggled self consciously as I plucked MY shirt and then had to tell her what I just did.

These ARE the cupcakes I am looking for

My friend's 12 year old son wanted to do something for my birthday. He was insistent that i give him some gift ideas. I didn't feel it was appropriate for a 12 year old to purchase a gift for me a *cough* 25 (again) year old. But he insisted. Our conversation via text proceeded as follows: