Thursday, April 19, 2012

No pictures...

Hello my loverlies,

A couple years ago I bought my first semi big girl camera (those of you with REAL big kid cameras may want to cover your eyes from embarrassment) I picked up a Nikon SX120.

 It was a big step up for me who previously had only ever used disposables (remember those??) or super cheapo cameras that had little functionality outside of autofocus and uhm... uhh... that was ... kinda it.
So this camera was I guess my 'gateway' to maybe doing bigger and better things. I like taking pictures. I'd like to get better at it.

The other day I went to grab my camera (which admittedly I have used less and less since I got my iphone, seeing as it takes remarkably decent photos) and when I turned it on, I got a 'lens error' message. I tried a bunch of  troubleshooting steps (short of taking it apart) and nothing has worked so I think it's time for a new camera. I've had this one for I think 4 or 5 years. I'd like to make a step up from here but have no clue about cameras. Anyone have any suggestions?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stuff and fluff

Hello my friends,
I've been keeping myself distracted making some more stuffies... 
These two guys went to my friends' girls as a 'thank you' because the girls helped me by choosing the fabrics for previous stuffies I've made (I got the idea from here ) ... 
Meet Dotty and Fluff (the girls named them)

Another friend's kids and her neighbor's kids put in a request for platypus as well... I'm not liking these guys as much though. I changed it up so that the tail was a different pattern because it made more sense to me but ... I think they look my platypus-like the other way...

I've also made these little chickees which I found online. My computer crashed before I could bookmark and save the URL but as soon as I find it again, I'll update this. These went to a local drs office:

My friend's kids/neighbors kids also requested some chicks so I'll be making more of these too.

One of the kids is a bit shy and he wasn't around to put in a request. A sweet pre-teen demi-nerd after my own heart, I decided to try to appease his nerdy soul and let him know it's okay to be different so I made him this:

In case it's not evident ... it's Yoda. From Star Wars.  Apparently after a stroke or a dog chewing him up.... As my friend Stu reminded me: when 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not, eh? 

He needs his robe which I've never made so he's not done and ... I'm a little worried about that last bit but we'll see!! 
Honestly, he wasn't so lopsided before he went under the needle! 

I didn't use a pattern, I just used google images and made an amalgamation of a bunch of different toys and screen prints that I saw. 

Ad me too (2)

Hello my lovelies,

In my last post Ad Me I whined on and on about my most hated current commercials on tv.

Now you may be wondering what makes this crankybitch happy?? ANYTHING?? 
I love Scrubbing Bubbles and Planters Peanuts. 
When I was little, my Poppy worked at a distribution center and he would bring home lots of swag for us kids and my brand loyalty now as an adult is based on those childhood memories of the things my Poppy would bring home to us. 
Among my favorite things were big (to me) Scrubbing Bubbles bath towels, a hibachi in the shape of the Planters Peanut jar, and coolest of all cool... brace yourself ... a La Choy RICKSHAW
Oh yeah. You heard me. A rickshaw! 


Poppy also would have an assortment of goodies he kept on the front porch, a favorite of which included York Peppermint Patties. Aaaaaahhhh YUM! To this day- it's my all time favorite candy bar that I will only have on special occasions. I loved sitting on the porch hidden behind boxes and quietly munching on a Peppermint Patty.

He would also bring home store displays and various give-away items. I once had an inflatable donkey or horse from a brand long forgotten (my mother I think has a photo of it, I'll have to dig it up to remind myself). We also had chalk boards with classic cartoons on them like Mighty Mouse and we'd sit on the porch and scribble in chalk on them for hours. Great times back then... before video games and non stop television :)

Now, I'm not suggesting that targeting children is the way to go as far as advertisements are concerned because that's really not the case here at all. My favorite brands are the brands I grew up with and of which I have fond family memories.

Ad me!

Hello my friends,

Most ads irritate me to no end. I lunge across the room to grab the remote to change the channel when certain ads come on. Most recently and more specifically come to mind:

  • dish's Hopper- Few things more aurally intrusive to me than the Boston accent. The same word repeated ad nauseam in a Boston accent? Is torture... and I think against the Geneva Convention
  • Weight Watchers anything with Jennifer Hudson-you can sing. We get it. Shut up.
  • Kia sand man commercial-I'm sorry but any red blooded man who is going to dream about racing a car is NOT going to dream of racing ... a Kia. And any man's fantasy rock & roll dream does NOT involve a washed up 80s band beyond their prime and utterly creepy to look at
  •  State Farm 'We just had a Journey Moment' -I love Journey. I love classic rock. Do NOT Ruin classic rock. Journey didn't do anything to you. Don't hurt them!!! Do NOT ruin Journey for me! (wait- is it State Farm? Or is it All State? Or Geico?? I can never keep them apart. They all have different names but they're basically the same to me)

I really can not stand any of those commercials. Now,  some would say that my distaste for these commercials is a good thing because it's still creating a memorable experience ... plus look, here I am, mentioning them on a blog and BOOM! Gettin the word out!! I have to say that my distaste for these ads have lead me to have a distaste for the companies and therefore an aversion. I would never purchase or use any of these products/services because their ads have completely alienated me.  If your ad irritates and disappoints me, I don't have high hopes for your product.