Friday, January 27, 2012

Honey Puff

Hello lovelies,
I thought I'd share one of my family favorite recipes with you today- Honey Puff Pancakes!
This is my dad's speciality that his mom taught him which she insists she found in a magazine (Good Housekeeping or something along those lines) We kids insist on Dad making it for special occasions and for many years it was a staple for Christmas morning breakfast (when we were little, before adulthood hit and some of us had to work Christmas morning)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Picture pages picture pages yada yada picture pages *hummmmmmmmmm*

Hello my lovely lovelies!
As those of you that have braved my prior posts have figured out by now, I'm a bit of a rambler who just blahblahblahblahblahs on and on. I realize that most people go to blogs not to read the ramblings but to peruse the photos. I know this because most often when I go to blogs, I skim the blahblahblahs and look at the photos. So I'm going to stop with the blahblahblah and share some photos with you.
These are a handful of photos that I have taken... a bunch of my favorites. I hope you like them! And I hope this proves, contrary to what previous posts have shown, that I can actually take photographs! :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Thinking outside the lines...

Hello my lovelies!

It's a nasty snowy day today. I hate snow. Any amount is too much for me. Yes, I realize living in New England it's one of those things I have no choice but to deal with. I get that. I understand that if I wanted to have a life without snow, I should live down south. But south comes with tornadoes and hurricanes and floods and when there is snow or a freeze, people there go even more stupid than those in New England. Plus... there's creepy crawly gross things further south that ... I just do not want to deal with. So, New England it is. And snowy winters. *heavy sigh*

So for fun, I decided I wanted to be crafty and follow this tutorial  over at Morning by Morning Productions and attempt to make this little guy:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Linens and things

Hello my darlinks!
I promised another post in a timely manner and I know all 8 of you have been anxiously awaiting my next  thought provoking entry, wait no more!

Mom and I share an appreciation for antiques. Well, she enjoys antiques and she was kind enough to share the appreciation of all things old and beautiful and well built on to me! While I was home for Christmas, we stopped off at an antique shop that Mom had been wanting to visit for awhile. I'm always scouring shops for beautiful old linens.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things that go bump in the road

Hello my lovelies!!
It's been awhile since I've visited. I've been neglectful, I'm sorry! A lot has been going on including but not limited to this mess happening to my sweet baby girl Zippy:

I was trying to have a relaxing leisurely drive on Cape Cod after a lot of personal stress (the Cape is my go-to place when I need to unwind and relax) I was driving around a rotary and a delivery truck decided at the last minute that he wanted to exit and so he sped up, and didnt seem to care that my car was ... yaknow ... in the road in front of him. So he just plowed right into me... and kept right on going. He threw me into a nice little 180 spin and I landed on the other side of the road facing into traffic. The scumbag louse never seemed to find it necessary to get out of his vehicle and traverse across the not all that busy road to check on the condition of the woman that he just carelessly plowed into and set into a spin... the woman who was not moving (I was in shock, not injured) nor was the car. Nice guy.
Even though he plowed into me, somehow I was found at fault for the accident. Needless to say, I'm appealing it.

So on to less aggravating things ...