Friday, June 7, 2013

Alex's Lemonade stand- a plea for consideration

A close friend of mine is a bank manager in PA. We were emailing back and forth as we do every day and he just sent me this email: 

Today is one of my favorite days of the year.  Lemonade day.  I don't think the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation is that big up in Massachusetts, but if you haven't heard of it, check out.  It is by far my favorite charity.  Read this link, and try not to cry (  At this bank, and the one I worked at before the merger, I've always run a lemonade stand for them.  Always on the 1st friday in June.  At my last location, I was able to bring in a few thousand at my branch, and headed up the lemonade stands for the whole company, even presenting a one of those big oversized $10,000 to Alex's family.  UBER cool.
Today, I'm in a different, poorer neighborhood with this company.  I think I've brought in a whopping $33 so far today, but I don't mind.  It all helps.  I have balloons, a table, brochures, little paper Lemons that people can sign if they contribute anything, and had this big, 15 inch tall paperback book standing up on the stand so that kids could read about Alex while their parents were banking.  So far, not a single child has arrived, but the book is missing.  Yes, someone stole a childrens book about a girl who was dying of cancer. Classy.
Please take a moment to read the above as well as go to Alex's website and read about her life. I hope you'll share this story with your friends and family. Most of all, please find it in your hearts to donate to her family! 
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