Saturday, March 9, 2013


Escape, the Pina Colada song is a catchy little diddy. But have you ever really listened to the lyrics?
 It's about a man laying in bed while his wife (girlfriend?) sleeps next to him while he flips through the personal ads. He replies to an ad, based on the fact that the poster likes booze, fails to pay attention to the weather report, has let herself go, and is willing to settle for someone of mediocre intelligence. The man is so impressed by the low standards, he says we must meet IMMEDIATELY and gives the location.
He's sitting in the bar (likely to show how "into" the drinking he really is). His date walks into the bar and lo and behold, it's his wife/girlfriend. His girlfriend, who is there to meet another man. He, in eager expectation of meeting someone new, someone who just ... isn't his woman... and the reaction is "oh. It's you." Then they laugh. They laugh because they BOTH were about to have a random hook up with someone else... on a whim... because... Booze.

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