Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let it rain

In the summer when I was little, I seemingly ran around every day in my bathing suit. One of the best things about this and of growing up in the boonies was the summer rain storms.

I'd run outside in just my bathing suit .. 90 degrees out and the rain is coolish but still warm and run around the yard in the pouring rain (as long as there's no lightning). Back then, I was okay with squishing worms with my barefeet. Now? I can honestly say it does not at all appeal.

Actually, my feet are feeling kinda *shudder shudder bleehehehehreharjahjkhf* from the thought... 

We just had what I'm pretty sure was a monsoon roll through here a few minutes ago: 

(photo removed due to creepy creepsters being stalkery)

The rain was that perfect cooly warm rain that was coming down just right that would have been perfect for putting my bathing suit on and running around the neighborhood. 

Apparently, that's frowned upon when you're an "adult" so I just stood in the doorway of the porch and watched it come down, sticking my legs out to feel the slight sting from the drops.

The 'aftermath' of the storm was fantastic and I wish I had a big girl camera to have captured this better:

And because the song is stuck in my head (which I haven't heard in AGES and... cmon! Eric Clapton with Phil Collins!!)

Til next time, friends!
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