Monday, August 13, 2012

Any way the wind blows

I used to wear nightgowns in the winter. We had forced air heating vents in the houses growing up and I loved standing over vent. My nightgown would billow out and the heat would get trapped inside and it was so toasty and warm.

I did the same in the summer with my tshirts and fans. My parents apparently have bunches of pics of me when I was younger with my various clothing items billowing as I stood over a heating vent or a fan.

Yep... That's me. And my little sister in the back ground eating a freeze pop lol (she still downs those things as if she's gettin paid to eat them!)

My little brother actually had this picture, of all people!

About 10 years ago my parents moved into a new big house and they got central air (of course, once I moved out and far away) so no more forced air vents so no more standing over the vents. For some reason, it's not as much fun doing it in your own house by yourself.

And because it seems a theme lately that my blog titles are coming from song lyrics, here's today's inspiration (sorry if you already have this ear worm from watching the olympic closing ceremonies!)

Til next time!
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