Thursday, July 12, 2012

These ARE the cupcakes I am looking for

My friend's 12 year old son wanted to do something for my birthday. He was insistent that i give him some gift ideas. I didn't feel it was appropriate for a 12 year old to purchase a gift for me a *cough* 25 (again) year old. But he insisted. Our conversation via text proceeded as follows: 

Me: You dot not have to get me anything for my birthday! Thank you for the offer tho :)
K: Could you at least give me a few ideas. Please. 
Me: A 2012 Jeep soft cab
K: Is that a car?
Me: Yeah :D 
K: Any other ideas?
A 3 month old house trained Bernese Mountain Dog named Sammy.

K: Got to go- I'm heading to petsmart :) 
Me: Nooooooooo! I don't want a yucky caged sick puppy. It's gotta be free range! (and then my explaining to child what 'free range' means and an odd conversation involving tetanus, biting zoo animals, and walking on bed of nails )
K:Do you have a special place that maybe I can get you a gift card to? 
Me: Jaguar dealership?
(anybody catch on yet that I love teasing people?) 
K: They don't even have gift cards :0
Me: Well darn and that's the one thing I REALLY truly wanted that would have just made my day!!!!!!! 
Me: How bout you guys can make me cupcakes. I love cupcakes :)  
K: What theme
Me: Something nerdy of course :) 
K: A mix of superheroes & star wars?
Me: Make it a surprise!!! 

FFW to yesterday...
K: Can you do tomorrow @6
Me: I'll consider it.
K: OK and then you can have dinner too
Me: Are you boys cooking 
K: And then girls baking? 
Me: Nope. I think you guys should do it all. I want bbq. and of course my nerd cupcakes. 
K: I don't know if they'll be nerd cupcakes. It's up to my mom 
Me: But ... you asked what I wanted from you for my bday and I said I wanted you to make me nerd cupcakes :(  (I was afraid that he went out and got me a gift and so I tried to emphasize all I wanted was a cupcake)  Aww man
K: I don't know. It'll be a surprise. 

So today came ... I got there an hour early and so I went to the beach to relax with some magazines. K was texting me and letting me know they were getting ready. At 6:02 I get a message:
K: You can head up now. My mom can't believe you aren't here.
Me: Why? I'm beach side!!!! Ocean trumps ... whatever!
K: The party starts at 6. Gosh! 

I hurried. My hurrying hurt my feet in my flimsy sandals. But the hurt was worth it! 
Tadah! My nerd birthday: 

Star wars pretzels

Heroes mini cupcakes

Princess Leia cupcakes (she later got pretzel sticks and was smoking. Tut tut)

Light Saber/Death Star etc mini cupcakes 
We also had pasta salad with pinwheel pasta because the pinwheels looked like tie fighters ... and yoda drinks and watto-watermellon slices (watermellon with green sugar crystals) and Darth Maul Light Saber hot dogs, yoda kabobs and HanBurgers

I was told that K did ALL the work himself- looking online for recipes and emailing his mother a full list of ingredients needed and he did all the cupcakes himself (tho his mother insisted on helping w/ Leia's hair) but his dad did the grilling.

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