Monday, July 16, 2012

Piglet for the Piglet

Hello my lovely lovelies,

I wanted to share with you one of my more recent projects I had worked on. One of my old friends from college days got married last year and he and his wife just had their first adorable little one. And, being the card carrying kid hater that I am, complimenting a kid is saying a lot! *grin* 

My friend had seen pics of the Yoda I had made  which ... looking back at that post, I realize I never included a photo of the final product!! Goodness I guess this is going to be a more detailed post than originally anticipated!!! 
Here is Yoda with his ill fitting robe. Please, again, bear in mind that I am no professional seamstress. I taught myself to sew and have only really just sort of figured things out. I could not for the life of me figure out how to make a robe so I just ... fudged it a bit. 
I draped a piece of flannel over my sewing machine to take a quick photo to send to my friend for a quick status report but never got around to taking a decent final shot. 
So here is the final Yoda:

And here he is with his new owner- being used as a mustache:

A few weeks after I gave him his Yoda, I was talking to his dad who told me that Yoda goes EVERYWHERE with him. The family will go on errands and he will run to the house and grab his Yoda to take it with him like his favorite teddy bear. I'm sure I don't have to tell any of you how great it was to hear how appreciated this gift was!! 

So anyway, back on track :) 
I had shown my friend (who is a fellow nerdling like I) this Yoda for his feedback and he said he really liked it and alluded to (okay, outright said) he would not have any qualms if I were to decide to make his new little one a nerd gift as well. I laughed cordially but dismissively however ... the wheels were already turning! 

I had just happened at some point while perusing the many many many blogs that I follow and visit to have seen this adorable adorableness. It looked simple enough so I tossed one together after I had made the platys and whales for the kids (referenced above and blogged previously). I put this guy together: 

Admittedly I wasn't sure what to do with him... the bow tie was not affixed as I wasn't crazy about how it looked. I had tried a mustache but the felt just was cutting oddly and I didn't have any black flannel. My friends came over to visit and one of them, being a techy nerd, absconded with the robot. I didn't have anyone in mind for him so I'm glad he found a happy home. I had turned the bow tie into a Dandy Mustache and my friend had great fun with it. Because it was not attached, he manipulated by folding it and placing it on the robot so the robot had a toupe and evil eyebrows and a Hitler mustache and, yes... we went there ... he was at one point an anatomically correct robot. We are just THAT mature! 

In any event. After having made the blue bot, inspiration struck that I should make a bot for my nerd friend's baby.  This is the bot in progress:

I stopped the progress because 1. those dang legs and feet were REALL ticking me off!! I tried to get them to look right at least 4 or 5 times but nothing seemed to do. 
While the bot sat on my sewing table during my contemplation of next steps, I was admiring photos of the new baby and I noticed that my friend and his wife referred to their baby as Piglet. And again... inspiration struck... wheels and etc. 
I did a google search for images of Piglets. Initially I thought of Winnie the Pooh's Piglet but I couldn't find anything not too complicated and also, I didn't want to go with anything out right commercial. 

Along my searches I found an etsy that featured these cubed pigs which seemed easy enough and I could use the box templates that I did for the Robot stuffies only ... make them bigger. 

After MUCH finagling (and realizing there were several steps I should have taken BEFORE stuffing and WAY before I finished sewing ALL sides) I had this: 

Nothing yet sewed up, the appendages and bits either pinned on or in the case of the facial features, just ... stuck on while I figured out the spacing and what I liked best. 

Here ... is the finished product front: 

And here is the caboose:
It wasn't until I took the photo and was showing my friend that I realized I didn't have hind legs for her so I did make a couple and put them on. I just didn't take a photo of them. Try not to look too closely to the curlie cue tail. I didn't think to do it until she was already sewn and stuffed and so I couldn't run it through the machine and did it free hand. 

And here... is Piglet with her piglet (dubbed the Pigglecube :D ):


'Til next time!
x's and o's


  1. Hey!

    This is Shuge, the shop owner of the etsy you featured! Thanks for linking back to me and I love the pigs you made!

    1. Thank you Shuge! I made a errr 'cockblock' for my friend who had a baby last year (she nicknamed him Nugget so I made a chicken... ) she's expecting again and has nicknamed the new one Meatball and Kernel. I assume in order to test my craftiness
      thanks for the comment! And especially for the inspiration :)