Sunday, July 22, 2012

A very merry Blogiversary to me

Hello darlings,
It's been a year and a couple days since I started my blog and I don't have that much to type so I'll say it mostly in photos:

I went hiking with my brother back home to some of my haunts to see how they had changed since Irene last year as well as went to some new places:

This was one of the more treacherous hikes, and one of the areas most changed from the massive flooding. My brother had to give me a hand quite often because the path down gorge was  washed out and there were a lot of trees down:

Can almost see the destination from here (dry river bed):

A look back at the final leg of the hike:
 So worth it:

Back yard of my sister's best friend's house. I loved how this old shed looked, being over come by the woods:

From a trip in the spring- I just loved how the sunlight sparkled on the water:

 Salt Marsh:

An old familiar friend:

Marsh (sorry for hipster instagram- I can't find my original)

If I had ever been on these terrifying horses as a child, I think that would have sworn me off horses forever. They are beautiful in their horror:

And to close- a few of my favorite photos of my friends:

Happy Blogiversary to me! YAY!!!
Til next time!
x's and o's

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