Sunday, June 17, 2012

Obsession... by snarky klein

Silly title, I know. And not totally appropriate for the subject of which I am about to discuss. While thinking of the blog,  Animotion song 'Obsession' popped into my head.

And because it's how my mind works, my mind then went to the stinky cologne (and thus tag line) Obsession... by Calvin Klein

Now I'm sure you're asking yourself 'oh my gosh when is this girl going to get to the point?!?!'
I am I am!!!

Anyone who has known me for any amount of time will know that I have a *slight* like of one Mike Rowe.
Who is Mike Rowe?

Well, he is the host of Discovery's Dirty Jobs (with Mike Rowe).

What is it about Mike Rowe that I find so ... alluring?

Certainly his wit...

He has this fantastic... deep ... soul touching.... voice
(I... LOVE..deep voices. I joke with my author friends who write scary books that I will only buy their books if they get Mike to read them. I'd listen to him read a phone book)

He's wonderfully snarky which ... obviously speaks to me

He has this way of inserting sly innuendo into his conversation that isn't at all invasive or offensive but is absolutely endearing and... quite honestly .... adorable.

I have a sincere ... appreciation ... for the 'every day' man. A Renaissance man, if you will.  

A man who... knows how to use his hands. Isn't afraid to... get dirty. 

A man who... oooohhh... Isn't always clean shaven

He's an honest and open man who...  isn't afraid to just ... put it all out there. 

He knows how to fill out a pair of jeans ... 

He's not afraid of showing his more sensitive (dare I say, sensitive) side

He has boyish charm 

He knows how to work hard

But knows how to relax... 

Honestly, what is there not to enjoy about this man? 

(Such an honest face! I'd be willing to trade my Mazda3 in for a Ford if Mike were to be my 'sales man'. Just sayin)

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