Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ad me!

Hello my friends,

Most ads irritate me to no end. I lunge across the room to grab the remote to change the channel when certain ads come on. Most recently and more specifically come to mind:

  • dish's Hopper- Few things more aurally intrusive to me than the Boston accent. The same word repeated ad nauseam in a Boston accent? Is torture... and I think against the Geneva Convention
  • Weight Watchers anything with Jennifer Hudson-you can sing. We get it. Shut up.
  • Kia sand man commercial-I'm sorry but any red blooded man who is going to dream about racing a car is NOT going to dream of racing ... a Kia. And any man's fantasy rock & roll dream does NOT involve a washed up 80s band beyond their prime and utterly creepy to look at
  •  State Farm 'We just had a Journey Moment' -I love Journey. I love classic rock. Do NOT Ruin classic rock. Journey didn't do anything to you. Don't hurt them!!! Do NOT ruin Journey for me! (wait- is it State Farm? Or is it All State? Or Geico?? I can never keep them apart. They all have different names but they're basically the same to me)

I really can not stand any of those commercials. Now,  some would say that my distaste for these commercials is a good thing because it's still creating a memorable experience ... plus look, here I am, mentioning them on a blog and BOOM! Gettin the word out!! I have to say that my distaste for these ads have lead me to have a distaste for the companies and therefore an aversion. I would never purchase or use any of these products/services because their ads have completely alienated me.  If your ad irritates and disappoints me, I don't have high hopes for your product.


  1. I have to agree with you on almost all of these ads. I thought the Kia commercial was kind of funny, but in the end all I see is a hot girl and a Kia, it just doesn’t add up. The insurance commercial bugs me because of Journey, I change the channel any time I hear Steve Parry. Working for DISH I have to give them credit for the “Hoppa” commercial. I thought it was funny the first time, but I can see how it can get a little old. It is a silly commercial for what turns out to be a great product. I had a Hopper installed last week and I think I have been recording to the massive hard drive on the DVR 24 hours a day since the install!

    1. Are you in MA. Hunter? And if so, are you a MA native?
      I just got a DVR last week (Comcast not *shudder* Hoppa-- see what I'm sayin?? And there's a Dish right outside my window!) that thing has been running constantly! It's funny, I thought I'd be stuck to my chair more often, watching TV because of everything saved but I've found that I am building up a log of shows on the HD but hardly ever watching any shows because I know I can go back any time and watch them!
      And I'm recording things I probably wouldn't have stopped to watch otherwise.
      By the way- Mork and Mindy is on. This makes mini geek me (ok not so mini) quite happy!!

    2. Sorry for the late response, I had kind of forgotten about I posted. I’m from Colorado born and raised; I work out of one of Dishs’ call centers here. I have heard that “hopper” means something completely different in the Boston area, lol. How do you like your Comcast (gasp) DVR? Given the nature of your article you would probably like a new feature I just got on my Hopper. It’s called Auto Hop and I can chose to automatically skip commercials in my Primetime Anytime programming. It seems Dish is aware of the irony because some of their latest commercials kind of encourage you to skip them because they would skip you if they could.

  2. I've gotta say, I've been less than pleased with the Comcast DVR. It's slow in responding. It records repeats when I have series set up for 'new' only. Often skips new episodes. I am constantly in battle with the ffwd/rwnd. I had recorded a movie (which I just watched this morning) and it was stopped for no reason 20 mins before the end of the movie and then a 2nd recording began and I was missing a few minutes of the movie. My BIGGEST pet peeve though is DVR'ing a show and the DVR stops right at the :00 and it misses the last dangling seconds of the show (show that happens more often to is Good Eats and Community) the next show doesn't start until just before :01 so even if I were to record the next show to try to salvage what is lost, there's recordings missing. If I try to end with a 5 minute buffer, it often cancels another show that is in conflict with the recording. It's incredibly frustrating.
    The set up you have seems pretty spiffy but ... the whole 'hoppa' thing leaves such an obnoxious taste in my mouth, I can't get over it. And I refuse to encourage that sort of advertising by purchasing the product. :) But honestly, hearing 'thah hoppa' repeated ad nauseum (hah Ad... advertising. Get it? Oh lordy that's clever!) just grates on my nerves so bad!! I'm nothing if not a stickler!