Saturday, March 10, 2012

In which the snark visited the beach...and loved it!

Hello my darlings,
I went to the beach Thursday morning.

These guys were excited to see me walking along the surf and they made sure to show me just how happy they were ... in a very sandy wet jumpy kind of way:

As I was walking, I kept an eye on my chair and bag that had my water, sneakers, books and whatnots in it ... my stuff was off to the side and not in the way of general foot traffic so when I saw someone walk up to my stuff, stoop down at my sneakers, I started running. He saw me and played off as if he was just 'getting a good angle' of the water and took out his cell phone and started taking photos of the water. Then started walking towards the surf and then veered away from the water and headed towards ME (still making my way to my stuff... admittedly I was a little further away than I should have been) he took his phone out again and started taking MY pic! I guess he likes to have photographic evidence of people he attempts to rob. I got a shot of him walking away after he got as many shots as he wanted. Douchecanoe.

A couple came along with 4 beautiful black labs and a woman had a beautiful boxer and another couple had a retriever and the dogs all hit it off very nicely indeed. The couple with the labs brought tennis balls and the dogs were ecstatic to chase after it into the water. The boxer was a ball hog and would pick up the ball and just ... walk away with it. She didn't like going too far into the water. I spent most of the morning watching the dogs playing... and taking their pics :)

They see me!!! They ran over to say hello and I happily obliged

In the process of getting a little windblown/sunburned

A young woman came by with her two huskies... a grown dog and puppy. The dog REALLY wanted to play with the puppy but the puppy wasn't so interested... He kept hiding between the woman's legs

The dogs all started to pack up and leave (sad) so I broke out a book to enjoy in the sun

The sand looked very cool once I finally left...

I wasn't going to post this but 1. It's been forever and I figured I should probably get one in  2. Jen went and posted her hatred for beaches here so I felt it necessary to counter her hatred with my crazy love for all things beachy :)

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