Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Elliphants and other non descripts

Hello my lovelies!

I've been spending some time with my sewing machine lately, making plushies. You may recall the little whales I had made. I've been trying other animals as well.

I will be the first to admit I am no seamstress. Most times when I sit down at my desk, my machines fights me (and wins) when I try to use it. It will throw stitches, the bobbin will get all bogged up, the thread keeps breaking etc etc. I know there's steps to take to make these things to stop but ... I have no clue what they are. I also fight the machine in just trying to make things work the way I think I need them to work. I'm no good at driving, which is complicated by the fact that I'm a lefty and the machines are set up for righties and my arms keep getting in my way!! And finally, and probably most especially, I make my own 'patterns'. I see something cute that I like online and I'll grab a piece of paper and (you purists and knowledgeable sewing types might want to look away, honestly) I press the paper against my monitor and then trace... yes trace... the image onto the paper with a marker.  I then cut out the paper and then draw the outline onto the fabric I will use, giving a seam allowance. Unfortunately, quite often the transference of what I see online and how it comes out on the paper isn't equal and I end up with runty looking items. I don't quite have down yet what I need to do to make things.. yaknow ... work... I'm HORRIBLE at managing corners and ESPECIALLY rounded corners with my sewing machine.

So, when I see an adorable little guy like this elephant (which is actually a pillow I found at Fieldstone Hill Design) I feel inspired by his adorable cuteness and I want to copy it!!! So ... I get out my paper and I trace the outline.

Cute right???

Using my own pattern and my MAD SEWING MACHINE SKILLS...

This is what I get...

*tilts head*


*tilts head the other side*

it's a... uhhhh..

*blink blink*

Is it ... does it ... uhhh...

Someone get this poor guy some Pepto!

I just ....
I don't even know. I don't... even... know.

I also made this little guy ... which was supposed to be a hedgehog.

*head tilt*

Kinda looks like an aardvark.

Do aardvarks have kinda pointy backs... sort of?

You may be asking yourself 'Jamie... if you are no good with the turning and curves and twistings and whatnot of sewing then why oh why oh WHY would you do something like an aardhog/hedgevark that ... has lots of twisty turny curves? Why???' 
And the answer, my Dear Lovely would be *sob*

Honestly, I feel as though I should be more ashamed and reserved about sharing these things with you. My shame rattle should be going off like crazy. And yet... here I am...

Also- am I the only one hearing this in their head:

And you're welcome :)

Until next time! 

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