Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things that go bump in the road

Hello my lovelies!!
It's been awhile since I've visited. I've been neglectful, I'm sorry! A lot has been going on including but not limited to this mess happening to my sweet baby girl Zippy:

I was trying to have a relaxing leisurely drive on Cape Cod after a lot of personal stress (the Cape is my go-to place when I need to unwind and relax) I was driving around a rotary and a delivery truck decided at the last minute that he wanted to exit and so he sped up, and didnt seem to care that my car was ... yaknow ... in the road in front of him. So he just plowed right into me... and kept right on going. He threw me into a nice little 180 spin and I landed on the other side of the road facing into traffic. The scumbag louse never seemed to find it necessary to get out of his vehicle and traverse across the not all that busy road to check on the condition of the woman that he just carelessly plowed into and set into a spin... the woman who was not moving (I was in shock, not injured) nor was the car. Nice guy.
Even though he plowed into me, somehow I was found at fault for the accident. Needless to say, I'm appealing it.

So on to less aggravating things ...

I went home for Christmas to be with my family (which includes my parents, brother and sister... and the dog) my mother and I had a girl's day out and we drove to one of my favorite stores (and hers) from my childhood Fo'Castle farms. It's an adorable country store a bit off the beaten track outside of Albany. We had the Most Amazing lunch there. It was simple but Delicious (I had a turkey sandwich and she had a quiche) We wandered around the store and just ooohed and aaahed and had childhood flashbacks. I remember going there when I was younger and they had this ENORMOUS set of gorgeous wooden drawers chuck full of penny candy that we'd marvel at.

My mother and my sister (who is in college and lives at home right now) decided that next Christmas we should do a rustic homey natural Christmas tree with mostly home made ornaments and nature-inspired ornaments.  My mother has bins and bins and bins of ornaments and every year does the tree differently. Sometimes she does the tree in all white or all blue or all blown glass. This year was an all red tree. How gorgeous is this??

I feel it necessary to point out in the background on the left hand side the beautiful Christmas Cactus that is flowering wonderfully in the corner.  My mother has a green thumb that I can only dream about. That gene certainly missed me! This cactus flowers seemingly all year long, not just in the winter!!

(Oh and by the way, that's my adorable angel stocking front and center! Mom made stockings for my brother and I when we were little. His is the santa that is sort of hidden) This was actually taken Christmas night (which is why it's dark) and yes, the tree was chock full under neath at such a late hour. My brother, dad, and sister all had to work Christmas day so we didn't have dinner until late and didn't exchange gifts until about 8:30/9pm!

(Also- Not seen in the picture... the dog ... who got into my nieces' stockings and grabbed their candies! He snuck in to the room in the middle of the night and made off with their candy necklaces and several bags of mini m&ms. I'd like to say he learned his lesson but ... he's stubborn... and dumb... and enjoys the sweets!!)

So anyway, while we were at Fo'Castle, we found quite a few ornaments of inspiration to try. Aren't these ADORABLE?!

We took a particular shining to this ornament and it's simplicity:

Mom right away started thinking of a few sweaters she might have at home that she could use. I took off for the Salvation Army and I came home with this gold mine (all $4 except one that was $5!)

Aren't they adorable??? I think they'll make really great ornaments! The red polarbear one has this Fantastic snow flake zipper pull that I just LOVE!!! I thought hte gray snowflake one would look fantastic especially after I felt it and I just could NOT pass up on the tiny ivory Irish sweater! If I don't use it for ornaments I think it would make a GORGEOUS pillow!!!!

2 weeks ago I took an end-of-year trip to Joann's and took advantage of the 50-75% off sale plus a coupon in their flyer and I walked out with a huge stack of red, white, and green (why yes, yes that is an Oxford comma) blocks of felt. I also found some great snowflake shaped hole punches, a bunch of Christmas themed stickers and I don't even know what else! But lots of great things to use (hopefully) for ornament making!!

I have so much more I wanted to share about my visit home but I think I'll save that for another entry seeing as I've been so neglectful of you all for so long! I hope I still have some readers around! Thanks to those of you who were patient and waited for me!! :)

Later Gaters!


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