Friday, January 13, 2012

Linens and things

Hello my darlinks!
I promised another post in a timely manner and I know all 8 of you have been anxiously awaiting my next  thought provoking entry, wait no more!

Mom and I share an appreciation for antiques. Well, she enjoys antiques and she was kind enough to share the appreciation of all things old and beautiful and well built on to me! While I was home for Christmas, we stopped off at an antique shop that Mom had been wanting to visit for awhile. I'm always scouring shops for beautiful old linens.

First, we spotted this set of dainty blue and orange hankies. I'm not sure of the exact term for the set. There was a wee small set that were the perfect hanky size that came in a pair and then the single larger piece. I took these photos with my camera on a cloudy afternoon so unfortunately the photos are crummy and do not do them justice.

And then my mother spotted this set of a dozen napkins that are a beautiful lavender. I'm absolutely in love with them!!!

From previous trips to antique shops with my mom, I've had the luck of finding (ok actually Mom found) these absolutely beautiful pillow cases. I'm relatively new to serious shopping at antique shops and never really looked at antique linens before. I had no idea, until purchasing these two sets of pillow cases that old pillow cases were so much larger than standard pillows!! Not that that stops me from using these! The beautifully embroidered cases were stained from age when I got them home. I tried washing them and it did not take care of the stain so I set them outside on a wooden drying rack in warm late summer sun and the sun took care of the stains without damaging the fabric or the embroidery! WIN!!! 
The blue bordered cases are made of a VERY stiff fabric that has so far proven VERY difficult to get the wrinkles out. But the border goes so well with my beautiful chair that I slaved over and poured blood sweat and tears over (literally in some instances) that I just had to have them!! 

Several years ago, when I first mentioned to my Mom that I wanted to start collecting linens, she gave me a bag to start me off on my way. The bag contained this:
 Which I am to understand is actually a doily/coaster of some sort. There's a set of two as well as a piece that is twice as long and has the same flower pattern on both ends. I've never known what to do with it (I'm not a doily person) so I keep them in a drawer. I could love to some day find a table cloth that matches.

And finally, two summers ago Mom and I went to an antique fair and I found this set of 6 white on white napkins that I just adore:

Honestly, I own an iron and I use it on a regular basis!!!! But I keep most of my linens in a basket in my hutch and I was too lazy to iron each piece for a blog entry. I figured typing this entry for your amusement was effort enough and you'd all be excited just to read my titillating thoughts that you would overlook a few wrinkles (and really bad lighting and composition).  

And while we're being honest, I made this blog entry just so I could link up to Serenity Now's link party. Because I'm just that kinda girl :) 

Until next time! 
Later gaters

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