Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's all about the little things in life

Things .... I like ...

  • sparks in the dark from staticy blankets 
  • lots of pillows on my bed 
  • smell of meatballs at my Mema and Poppys house 
  • my mom's perfume and dad's cologne
  • flopping onto my bed when the blankets are billowed while I'm making the bed 
  • the smell of a horse barn
  • rose o' sharon bushes because they remind me of my Poppy
  • fuzzy slippers on bare feet in winter
  • Aunt Tina's lasagna 
  • wood burning fireplace in fall
  • sound of crunchy leaves 
  • the flippy floppy feeling your tummy makes when going over a small hill real fast 
  • when my baby sister rests her head on my shoulder 
  • messaging my brother and sister when Charlie Brown specials are on TV and knowing we're all watching together
  • the smell of hot oatmeal
  • a comfy chair and a good book
  • doggies
  • long talks with my mom 
  • the way my dad chuckles when he's amused
  • when my Mema calls me Jamers 
  • lightning bugs  
  • my Poppy's 'Poppy-isms':  Good night Irene, You're a pain in the foot, A stack of Twenties (In response to 'can I get you anything?') For Pete's sake, What the sam hill... 
  • "Poppy hats" aka Driver caps 
  • bubble wrap 
  • butcher paper (we used to roll out HUGE amounts of paper on the floor and draw our outlines on them)
  • classic rock, golden oldies and older
  • board games with Aaron and Jen
  • bonfires
  • stickers and sticker books 
  • the funny pages (honestly- it's the only reason I'd buy the Sunday paper!)
  • poppies, hydrangeas, lilacs and daisies (but not roses!)
  • the beach. No- scratch that ... I LOVE the beach!
  • the big fuzzy wool sweater that used to be my dads that I stole 10 years ago because it's big and fuzzy and over sized and warm and shhhhh don't tell him or my mom! 
  • really really bad jokes
  • bear hugs
  • my mom's meatloaf
  • singing 'She'll be comin 'round the mountain' to my baby brother

Hello my lovelies, 
Yaknow it's a funny thing... I'm a bit of a snarkmeister... I also feel I often come off as quite a negative nelly. Tonight's blog, I had intended originally to do a back and forth I like/ I don't like... I started the like list and before I knew it, I was really rolling with the 'I likes' and when I went to start my 'I don't like' I came up with 'cilantro, peas, carrots, green/yellow/waxed beans, snakes, U2'. And that was it. That was all I could come up with. For all the b*tching and moaning and complaining I seem to do, when it came down to putting in writing my likes/dislikes, I found so many more things that made me happy and smile. I think I learned a lot about myself from tonight's blog post. 
I know I'll be posting a Part II to this post because I'll be looking for things to add to this, I'll  be looking everywhere for little inspirations. 
Who knew?!

While writing this post, my brother sent me an IM saying he found a card I sent him several years ago that played BareNaked Ladies 'If I had a Million Dollars' "but on a good note i found your milllion dollar card and have been playing it... its all about the little things in life" 
A perfectly timed message considering the topic of tonight's blog :) And... a blog posting title

Please share your own "I Likes"... if you like:

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