Thursday, September 15, 2011

Winter spring summer or faaaaaall

I am a summer girl. I love summer. I liiiiiiiive for summer. I love the smells of summer, the fresh air, the ocean, the summer breeze which makes me feel fiiiiiiine. Flipflops, bathingsuits, tank tops, shorts, long days of sunshine. Everyone is happy. I love summer.

And then along comes fall and kinda ruins it all by prepping us for (shudder) winter. Other than Christmas, there's no redeeming qualities that come with winter.
Fall can be tolerated (with the exception of the fact that it preps us for winter) for the following facts:

1. Maple sugar candies. There is nothing sweeter, nothing sugary-er, nothing that melts in your mouth better than a pure maple sugar candy!! I'm drooling right now looking at these lovelies!!

M&M Maple Farm, Sprakers, NY

2. Pumpkins. I love anything Pumpkin. Pumpkin spice Coffee, Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin chicken risotto, pumpkin ice cream, painting pumpkins. The smell of pumpkins, the color of pumpkins. Pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins!!!!
Pick-a-Pumpkin, Esperance, NY

3. Wood burning Stoves. The smell of a wood burning stove on a fall evening. Need I say more? *Breathe in*
Cottage from "The Holiday"

4. Leaves. The color changes, the falling of, the walking through. I love a walk down a street littered with colorful fallen leaves, shuffling my feet. The sound the leaves make under my shoes. Giving a pile a hearty kick when I think no one is looking and sending them flying into the air is almost as good as puddle jumping on a summer day! And the smell of freshly fallen leaves is great. Doubly so when combined with the scent of a near by wood burning stove.

Any time I think of fall leaves, for obvious reasons this scene from When Harry Met Sally comes to mind

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