Friday, September 9, 2011

Flood photos, heart break and pride

Sorry I've been AWOL lately but I've been home trying to help clean up after the floods from Irene and I've been managing a fb page that provides info for the victims of the floods back home so I haven't had much time to be blogging.

When I first drove in to town last weekend I just stopped and stared in shock and sat in my car at the top of the mountain and cried. What I saw broke my heart. My childhood memories, washed away and covered in thick toxic sludge. But the best part of growing up in a small farming community is the sense of community and being there for your neighbor. I saw neighbors putting neighbors before themselves, picking up the shovels they were using to dig themselves out and going to help their neighbor. I saw people pouring in from towns and cities around... people coming from Canada and Florida and Utah to be there for people they hardly knew or people they knew decades ago. You're always a neighbor here, even if you've moved far away.
This week, thanks to Lee, there has been another round of devastation for this quiet area. 4 days of non stop rains and further flooding. The towns already dealing with the turmoil left by Irene were again evacuated, delaying the cleanup efforts and wreaking havoc on already desperate situations and causing heart breaking set backs.
I thought I'd share some more photos with you of what Irene did to my home town area. I hope to be soon posting photos of what it looks like when a community comes together and helps one another. The love and caring for your fellow man will bring more tears to your eye, tears of solidarity and happiness and pride than the tears of desperation and heart break that were caused by this initial devastation:

Waterline on the building

Foundation of what used to be a house

Another foundation

Bridge to town

Shaul's farm
Piles of people's belongings now turned to 'trash' in a grocery store parking lot

Main road washed away
Corn stalks bent at 45 degree angle from rush of water

Town library books

(most photos used in this post were gathered from:  Because many of the photos have passed around facebook, I'm not sure who took the original photos. I do not claim any of the photos above as my own. If you know  the originator of any of these photos, please let me know so that I may provide appropriate credit)

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