Sunday, September 25, 2011

Big Bertha

She's all mine now. After months of waiting, finally got the behemoth moved into my apartment from DSNL's back porch. Now that I have her, I have to figure out what I'm going to do with her. I have NO CLUE. The veneer is peeling away and in some places on top has completely chipped off.  The door knob and drawer pulls are beautiful and I like the inlay. But as it is otherwise, it's in rather rough shape and I need to do something with it. Suggestions are not only welcome but actively sought if not borderline being begged for :D 


  1. That is a nice piece, did you ever do anything with it? New follower, found you on the haven link up wall!! Look forward to meeting you.

    1. Hi Terri!
      I haven't done anything with it except stare at it mindlessly trying to figure out WHAT to do with it. Some nights, it haunts my dreams. I really like the piece a lot but I'm stumped. It has bits of inlay that I'm reluctant to paint over but the top of the piece is in bad shape and probably should be pulled up. I'm hoping inspiration will strike me. Until then, it just stares at me from across the room.
      Welcome to the blog and thanks for following!! :)