Thursday, August 18, 2011

You're the inspiration...

Hello my lil duckies,

Sorry, trying something new there. I kinda like it. What do you think?

I thought today I would share some photos of inspiration. Long before I ever thought about starting a blog, I've been saving photos from websites of rooms or things that inspire me.I have such an over flow on my computer (I was trying to clean up some folders the other night) that I thought I'd share with you. Unfortunately because I never intended on sharing them in a public forum, most of the photos I do not have sources for. If they are yours or you know the source, please let me know so that I may give the proper credit! Because I have been getting Better Homes and Gardens email newsletters for years and love their rooms, a lot of these photos may have come from there.

Relatively certain this is BHG
 My favorite color is blue so you'll most likely see a lot of blue in my inspiration postings. I loved the walls and the drapes but I absolutely love the slipper chair

BHG as well I believe
 As most of my apartments have been in old houses with windows like this, I'm always looking for ideas on how to decorate with them and thought this configuration was neat. If only I had the fireplace too! Unfortunately I always have my dumb ol tv (Which I just can't be without!!) that always seems to make decorating in a lovely way like this rather difficult

 Another window inspiration but mostly I loved the look of the chair that was peeking out in the bottom :D

I have a pedestal table that looks just like this. It was my first purchase I made for my first ever all by myself apartment in Syracuse back in the day. I got it on clearance at Ames for $20. It's lasted me nearly 15 years now and is in great shape. I've thought several times about chopping it down into a coffee table size like this but I always stop short of doing it. I can't bring myself to make that cut!!!

I know I found this rather recently on a blog I stumbled upon and unfortunately I did not catch the name. I love retro kitsch stuff and I fell absolutely in love with this fridge!!!

And wouldn't these gorgeous dishes and bread box etc look fantastic in my some day dream kitchen with the fridge above???

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