Saturday, August 20, 2011

What? Me?? Quirky?! Pshaw!

Hello my lil duckies!!

I'm sitting here in my nice comfy recliner watching tv on this fine slightly dreary Saturday morning. It's been a crazy weekend so far.

To start it off, I ordered take out last night (my most trusted office advisor MT was talking about pizza before I left work and so by the time I got home, I had a hankerin'). The pizza place I order from, I just tell them that I'm paying by card and instead of giving the card number over the phone, the driver shows up with a portable card charger (AWESOME!!) Usually this is awesome. A few minutes before I expected him to show, I went to my purse to grab my wallet ... and it wasn't in there!! I called the restaurant to let them know and see if it was too late to cancel or if they would accept a check. The guy who answered put the owner/manager on and I told him how mortified I was (while I'm scrounging around the car to see if it fell out of my purse but I KNEW I left it on my desk at work because I used it to get lunch and forgot to put it back in my purse after ...) and I asked if it was okay to write a check and the man said to me over the phone (curious) 'Sure, you sound nice and trustworthy, honest'. *blink blink blink* (Um no mister, what you mean is I sound cute on the phone) I mentioned that I've been a long time customer and order from there often and this has never happened and he said it was fine. So that was done and over, I paid the driver and gave him a hefty tip because I felt like a twit.
This morning I got up early and threw some clothes on and made a mad dash to the office and the security guy was nice enough to let me in so I ran up to my desk and sure enough... there it was ... under ... a tissue box. *boggle* I don't know. I've stopped wondering myself why I do the things I do. It's best you don't ask.

And now, here I sit... tv on. But because I am me ... TV but ... no sound. Which is not unusual. At least for me. But for some reason today it caused me to pause ... and to think ... yaknow I bet most people don't do that. I bet MOST people have the tv on WITH the sound on!

(at least the CC is on so I'm not THAT quirky) This ... brought me to think about what other quirks do I have.

Well now let's see...

I have inadvertently started a LARGE mug collection. Not that my collection is all that large but that I enjoy large mugs.

There's actually more in there than appears but the ones in back are marked with pharmaceutical company brands or other brands and I didn't want to be tossing names around blindly. My fave is the stand alone one in the middle that my baby sister gave me many years ago. 'Office Goddess' THAT'S RIGHT!!!! Unfortunately it cracked a couple years ago and now it has a slow leak so I can't use it any more :( But I refuse to get rid of it.
Oh also-- I have another cabinet and another shelf with... well... more ... coffee mugs ...


In connection with the mugs ... I also hoard ... Splenda packets.

You got that right!! These lil buggers are EXPENSIVE!!! So when ever I get coffee, I ask for a couple extra packets and then I bring them home and I put them in my little plastic garbage can. I always have backup in my purse and in my wallet in case I go to someone's house and they dare not have any. Sadly, there's always some laying around my house some where because they've dropped out of my purse or wallet or pocket. It's an addiction, I know!

I also collect scarves/Pashminas. I just love them! I rarely wear them as wraps. There are many on this hanger (first of all, that you can't even see because there are MANY on this hanger) that I've never warn because they are just so beautiful!

I collect scarves like kids used to collect Garbage Pail Kids cards (did I just date myself? Should I have said Pokemon??). They are all individually so beautiful and I unfortunately have no good way to display them :(  So they hang lifeless and underappreciated on the inside of my closet door on an old hanger. *sigh*

And now.... my one big quirk... my one odd collection ... that up until now, only ONE person has ever known that I have .... and it's not because I'm embarrassed or anything it's just ... odd and totally random..

Buttons. I collect buttons. I have for many many years now. Any time I get a new shirt/pants/coat whathaveyou, I grab that little plastic bag with the extra button and it goes into my hoarders tin. I have no real plans for the buttons. Once or twice MANY years ago I used them for a couple crafts (eyes for some stuffed toys I made) but other than that... I have no real need use or purpose for them. But yet I collect them.
If I see a stray button on the carpet at my office... I pluck that baby up and it comes home with me into my hoarders tin. I've bought new items that I ended up not liking and returned ... but heaven help me ... I kept the spare button. (Is that thieving? Am I a thiever?? All for my quirky obsession?? OH NO!!)

If I am suddenly gone from the innerhighwaywebs I guess you can assume that I truly am a thiever and the law has finally caught up with me and the above was my written confession and they came to get me and confiscated my hoarders tin as evidence and I am sitting in a lonely cell in striped pajamas WITH NO BUTTONS sobbing, despondent and all around morose.

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