Friday, August 26, 2011

Water! waaaaaaaterrrr!!!

OK I admit it... I drink straight from the jug when I'm thirsty.  I stand in the doorway, pop the cap off and throw my head back and chug a lug lug.

 Being that this is YET ANOTHER shameful secret (hah I first typed 'shameless'. Paging Dr. Freud! Guess deep down I really AM ok with this!) if I want a drink at night and my windows are open, I'll leave the lights out and I'll close the fridge door and then toss back.

You should know, I only do this with water. I refill empty milk jugs (or ice tea jugs) with tap water. Also- I have two jugs. One that I drink directly from and one that company drinks from that doesn't have backwash. You're welcome, future visitors! You're welcome!

Further: Why do we spell 'fridge' with a 'd' but 'refrigerator' without?

And final thought:

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