Sunday, August 21, 2011

To-do list

Hello my darling duckies,

Last night I was enjoying the company of FFNL and she asked me what I usually do when I get home from work or what I do on weekends. I was kinda stumped because I don't have any real routine.
 Living alone and being single and not having kids or pets, I don't really have any true responsibilities so I can kinda do whatever I want (which is basically not a whole heckofalotta) which I'm pretty sure isn't the norm. It's not that I just come home and go straight to bed or spend the second I walk in the door until bed time playing online.

If I leave early from work, I take advantage of the low traffic and do grocery shopping (the store is quieter AND I can actually get out of the parking lot. When it's high traffic, people won't let you pull out of the lot).  I'll  load the dish washer or the clothes washer. I have to do clothes first thing in the door because my dryer is an old hunk of junk that takes hours to do a single load and I can conceivably be up all night long (unfortunately that's not an exaggeration) doing just a couple loads of wash. I'll make dinner, tidy up, watch some tv, try to organize my unorganizable kitchen or closets. Quite often, I rearrange the furniture in a couple rooms because I've gotten bored with the set up. Sometimes I just ... sit on my front porch and watch the cars on Main Street as everyone comes home from work. It's really not all that compelling, honestly.

So I'm going to put this out to you, my friends. What's on your after-work to-do list? What is your weekend 'routine'? Especially those of you without kids or a significant other or anyone to answer to when you get home.

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