Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A nice snuggle on the couch

Hello my lovelies,

I thought today I'd share with you a story and some photos!

About 10 years ago, I was living in an apartment in Syracuse near the Carrier Dome. I moved in with a bunch of strangers after having answered an ad in the paper (no craigslist back then!) I have lost touch with all of my roommates after all these years with the exception of one with whom I exchange Christmas cards every year along with a HAND WRITTEN letter of what has happened over the past year. Sometimes we even manage a letter mid-year!

We all shared a 5 bedroom apartment. Two of the bedrooms rotated out roommates a few times. Anyway... blah blah blah (totally lost my brilliant train of thought there. Honestly, this was heading in an amazing direction but ... well honestly, I'm sipping some wine, watching Peter, Paul and Mary on PBS whom I super fluffy pink hearts love and I'm being amused on the twitter watching a conversation among some of my favorite bloggers and... well... I just can't be bothered to be very eloquent) I had this one roommate, Bernadette, who ever so kindly one evening with the patience of a saint sat down with me to teach me to crochet!

It was ... an interesting endeavor to say the least. I, being ridiculously (possibly blue tag hanging from my rear view mirror needing) dominantly left handed, had, shall we say, a few 'minor' problems grasping the whole process. There was much cursing and muttering (on both our parts) and a lot of 'oh my ... gaaaaaaaaaaaaah do that again PUHLEASE but slower and... no... slower.. and ... okay how about maybe upside down? Maybe if we just ... huh. Okay well.... this is... interesting and looks NOTHING like yours. Well huh will you look at that!'

She was bravely teaching me the little zig zaggy pattern that is seen often on afghans which was fabulous! Crochet a bunch of loops, skip a couple, do a few more, then a few loops in one loop etc etc (or something along those lines). It was fantastic! And something fun for these lil ADD hands to do while watching X-Files! Soon after, I moved to my very own all alone apartment all on my lonesome and lost contact with everyone.

It was several weeks later as my blanket was growing larger and I continued with my pattern that I held it up to examine and admire my handiwork that I realized ... the blanket was resembling a rainbow in shape. I was still doing the same exact pattern I had initially learned, having moved out before I did my second row and did not learn how to adjust my subsequent rows to make up for all those 'few loops in one loop' and 'skip a couple' bits. Oh what a lovely mess!! Oh yes and I realized early on that I did not find out how to end the row and go back and start the next so.. I  uhhh... improvised... umm and I had no idea how to finish the blankets at all (besides tying a knot) or how to make the ends all pretty like. I wish I'd had the presence of mind back then to take photos of my first disaster because ... well... that's what it was...

Anyway... I took out all those 'skip loops/put extra loops in one loop' bits (I'm ever so very technical, aren't I?!) and just do a basic crochet (I really have no clue what any of the terms are called. Which is one of the reasons why I haven't learned how to do it correctly because I don't know what I know so far... if that makes sense?) I've tried watching youtube videos but there aren't many left-handed videos and a lot of the videos I've seen seem to assume you know the basics of all basics which, obviously, I don't.

Soooo all of that mindless rambling leads to ... my sharing a bunch of photos of my previous works. I don't have any pics of my first few blankets (maybe I'll get them soon) My first ever official blanket was a bright hideous pink blanket that I made for my baby sister (she still has it :) ) I gave it to her for Christmas one year and my mother was so impressed she 'put in an order' for herself and my Grandma. Without any further blathering, here are some photos:
Mom's blanket 
My mother's blanket is my favorite blanket I ever made. I bought the yarn at the now defunct Ames department store. I have searched everywhere for the yarn because it was FABULOUS! It was double width (so the blanket is VERY heavy and warm) and it was infused with Aloe (so it's extremely soft) I have searched online (although I am not the best googler) and can not find anything close to what this yarn was. If anyone out there has any ideas, PLEASE let me know!!!
My friend Rhys's blanket
My friend Rhys's daddy was in the Army so I made him a blanket in the Army tan and black. I made his sister a blanket as well (I forget the colors) I'll have to take a photo of it next time I visit. He calls it his Jamie Blanket :)
My snuggly couch blanket

My snuggly throw. 
 I had originally made this blanket with a friend in mind but the yarn I bought was the wrong yarn. It was more for hats/mittens and has not held up well for the blanket. I've to tie knots all over it from either the yarn breaking or the yarn constantly coming loose from where a skein ended.
A blanket for my former boss

My oldest niece has a baby blanket in white and I'm in the midst of making her a big girl blanket in her favorite color. I made one for my youngest niece a couple years ago but of course I don't remember the color and I didn't take a photo.

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