Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday after vacation comes WAY too quickly

Hello my lovelies,

I know it's been awhile. I was on vacation this past week and didn't have a moment to get online! My baby sister (who is not so much a baby anymore at 21) came out to visit me for the week.  I won't share any personal photos of the people in my life but I'll share lots of scenery!! 

Our first night, we drove to the next town over where there's a lovely lake (lovely but not clean so no swimming :( ) there was a band playing in the gazebo.  I think it was supposed to be hawaiian themed music as they were dressed in what seemed to be the costume of the islands and the woman was swinging her hips like she was hula dancing however the songs themselves did not sound very authentic. Not that I'm an expert by any means however as we drove by, we heard her sing in a very operatic manner, repeating what sounded like 'applesauce'

We also stopped for a few minutes at a pond on the other side of the city and I was amused (in a borderline ADD sort of way) by a flitting dragonfly.

One morning we drove up to Salem and spent some time at the ocean. It was surprisingly shallow. We walked out quite a few hundred yards and never went above mid calf. (I may not need to mention at this point that I'm a bit of a water person)

And while wandering around downtown I saw a rather amusing sign which I had to take a pic of (especially being an admitted childdisliker) because it gave me some giggles

Because we live the exciting life, we sat on my front porch and watched people turning onto the side street in front of my house. Massachusetts, having proven to have THE WORST DRIVERS IN THE WORLD, we amused ourselves by 'grading' people as they made the turn (This guy totally failed) onto the side street or pulling onto the main road. It's amazing (but not surprising) how few people managed to stop AT the stop line (and not in or past the crosswalk) or how many people turned before the intersection and drove in the left lane. We... were amused.

Friday we drove down to Plymouth for a family gathering/graduation party for my cousin. We stayed in one of the worst hotels in town (I'm talking about you Pilgrim Sands and Colonial Inn with your musty rooms and your unclean child-size bathrooms and twin sheets on full size beds!!) 

This is the bay towards high tide

Here, at low tide

We checked out of the horrendous hotel as quickly as possible and stayed at my uncle's guest house which was on a beautiful pond. This is the view I woke up to (it was a rainy day)

And uhhh... It's an illness, I swear but yes... yes I flipped the roll at the guest house :D (as well as when I used my other aunt's bathroom at the nasty hotel) 
I may need an intervention

I took a pic only so that I would remember to mention it because I have crummy memory and thought I'd forget and I know you all wanted to know that I suffer from this affliction!!! 

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