Friday, August 26, 2011

I've got some black drawers I want you to take a look at ...

Hello my sweet lil duckies,
I figure I've been rather negligent recently so I'd slam you with a bunch of blog posts to make up for it so that I don't feel bad when I neglect you again for a few days. :D You're welcome!

Back in the day, the days that I have slowly been shoving back into the deep deep recesses of my mind when I toiled away in Syracuse, I had a roommate. Before I had the roommate I had The Ex. Before The Ex, I had no dresser. The Ex furnished me with a dresser that his SIL dragged out from the back of a trailer they kept in their yard for storage. The dresser was one of those tall manly dressers that were old and ugly looking and from being in storage for so long, it STANK. I tried cleaning out the drawers. I scrubbed them, I aired them out for days end. I could not get the stench out. Eventually came along the roommate who didn't quite mind the tall dresser. He had a short long dresser which I'd always wanted. His was old and equally ugly in a simple old wooden kind of way (sorry, no pics of either) so we did the logical thing (a rarity) and we swapped.

As soon as I took possession of his ugly dresser, I set about painting it and replacing the knobs and now it looks like this:

I've had it for over 10 years now and I'm bored with the look of it. I don't yet have a true color scheme in my bedroom.  I have a boring old bed that looks like this (tho not even remotely as neat and pulled together and the bed is much darker and closer to Black than gray)
I have a long standing love for Poppies. It started when we lived in an old farm house in the middle of no where and beautiful delicate wild poppies grew on top of a compost pile behind one of our barns. I used to pick them and press them between the pages of my bible. I tried to keep them in a glass of water but they withered and died in no time :(

So now I keep them on my depressing dreary office-grey unimaginative bedroom walls:

I'm also a HUGE fan of Claude Monet and so of course I have a copy of A Field of Poppies:

(I had too much glare off the glass of the frame so I grabbed an image from the innerwebs)

So what does all this rambling have to do with anything??? Well- I am now bored with looking at that black dresser. I'm thinking I would like to paint it. I love having the poppies in my bedroom. I would like to collect more. I prefer hand paintings where the image is a vivid red. I am stumped as to what color to paint the dresser that will compliment the poppies and not distract from them but also be an attraction itself.

A few ideas I've seen that I like:
Emperor's Silk
Antibes Green 

These are Annie Sloan's Chalk Paints which I'm absolutely in love with! Both photos are from Hueology which I just stumbled upon this evening and I'm absolutely in love!! I adore the red but think that will distract too much but I love how the black shows through behind the red. I'm wondering if the same would look good with the green? I've been scouring the innerwebs for more photos of furniture painted in green but ... it's not a common update!

Any thoughts?? Have you painted anything green? Know anyone who has and have some links or ideas to share??

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