Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flips and blankets- updates

Hello my lovelies,

I'm blogging from my phone so please excuse the iphones auto corrects (yeah let's blame anything non-sensical on my phone!)

I'm in upstate NY for the weekend visiting the fam and thought I'd amuse you (ok amuse myself) with some photos.

You may (or more likely may not) recall in my previous post "I've got the over/under" where I mentioned a quiet fight at my parents house over the proper placement of toilet paper on the spindle. I got in last night and had to replace a roll and of course, replaced it the Proper way.

When I got up in the morning and came down stairs for breakfast (and by breakfast I mean the biggest cup of coffee I could manage) and went into the bathroom again ....

Ohhhh yeah... the flip back!!

I had intended on doing the flip on my Aunt Tina and Uncle Pat at their house during the graduation party just for giggles... but my Awesome Aunt and Uncle roll the right way!

I, for some reason, couldn't upload photos from my phone onto blogger so I couldn't post until I got home and on my laptop.  I was going to post after the photo above however when we got back to my parents house last night after the party, my mother was flipping through the photos on my cell phone and came across the toilet paper pics. She asked me what was up with the pictures of TP and... I don't know if she recognized it was her own bathroom or not but I just laughed and said it was a joke with my friends. It was late... I don't think anything sunk in. I'm a truly rotten child, I know!!

P.S. I feel as though I should mention that I was standing next to the sink when I took these photos. I was not, I repeat, NOT sitting!! Also, the downstairs bathroom also is the laundry room in case any of you feel that maybe I was sharing a tad too much of my personal hygiene regimen

And in follow up to my blanket post while I was home, I slept in my baby sister's room and she apparently has hoarded all the afghans in the house so I got to take photos of the missing blankets:

My first ever- baby sister's super bubble-gum pink blankie
To make up for the bubble-gum pink blanket, a couple years ago I made a green blanket for her. The lighting was bad (and it was night) so the photo looks horrible (and the bed wasn't made) 

Last Christmas, I made a blanket for my Dad. He's a big NY Giants fan so I made the blanket in the teams colors. 
With the exception of my Mom's yellow blanket, my sister has hijacked all the handmade blankets in the house!

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