Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cmon Irene... give us a break already!!!

Tonight's post for once is a serious non snarky post. In light of the crazy devastation that has been left in the wake of Hurricane Irene which has left at least 21 people dead across 8 states so far, I thought I'd add to the thousands of posts already out there about how the devastation is impacting them.

This is at my parents house. Several trees came down on their property as well as on the school lawn adjacent to their property. One large tree came down just feet away from my sister as she was surveying the damage: 

Back yard- about to take out pool

My mother in my dad's raincoat surveying damage
and it's gone- roots and all
About to go... 

Stupid tree! You hurt my Poppy's Rose O' Sharon bush! :(  

The water in the yard- up to the ankle of my sister's adorable boots

This is the very scary flooding of the towns surrounding my home town. This is a valley that's been flooded- an after and before shot of the area taken from atop a local mountain

A local bridge:

 A town virtually drowned:

I do not have the photo credits for this picture however it's from this fb

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