Monday, July 25, 2011

This is the end, beautiful friends

I was going to wait a couple days to post the final product of the heinous chair but I know that there's *someone* who has been waiting to see and I've been keeping her in suspense so I won't make her wait any longer ...
A reminder of the ugly
 But first ... the rest of the journey to get there ....

Where we last left off, I was throwing an A+ temper tantrum because I messed up big time by making a bad cut (read that post here) After throwing my tantrum, I decided to that a moment of being rational might come in handy. Sooooo... I had the brilliant thought strike me ... I had cut off a sizable piece of fabric for the back of the chair and gosh golly don't you think that just might work?!
I started stapling away and ... wouldn't you know it .... Saints be praised! (Dramatic eye roll)
However, we could not have a happy ending there. Oh no no no. No. I got the seat allllll set but then for some reason, I couldn't get the back of the one side to pull over nicely. Everything else was coming together ...but not this one little piece (cue tantrum)

Noooo no no not obsessing over this one AT ALL (grin)

Luckily after a talk with FFNL, she thinks she can help so I drag the chair down the 3 flights of stairs down to her apartment and I sit on her floor and we tug and pull and push and poke prod and otherwise just beat the corner into submission.

I pulled the cushion off the back to give some room to wrap it around and that seemed to work okay. FFNL insisted that I finish seat while I was down there so that I didn't lose steam and put it off any longer so, scissors flailing and staples sailing, I put the rest of the seat together. And, being FFNL's birthday, we ordered out for pizza and sat and gabbed and I fixed her computer and then dragged the chair back up to the 3rd floor.

It was about 9 and I just ... couldn't leave the chair at that after all the drama (while working on it downstairs I had to run upstairs a few times for supplies ... staple gun, more staples blah blah blah)
So I soldiered on...

Put on the batting ...
(Amy are you getting excited?? Am I drawing this out long enough for you?? :D ) 

Stapled my new pretty pretty fabric I bought to go on the back to replace my temper tantrum-inducing seat fabric.... SO MANY STAPLES!!!!

I was wounded.

Yaknow it's funny... because of my Mad Spray Painting skills, I got spray paint EVERYWHERE! Everytime I look around, I find it some where else. I have paint on my toe on my left foot as well as on my left foot. I have splatters on my right thigh... my hand (as you probably saw from my mousey adventures) arm and fingernails. Because of the heat of the day, I found that I was leaving a trail of paint wherever I went, unintentionally.

The arm of my leather chair .... the key fob of my car keys ....

My sunglasss ... the window button in my car (I don't know how the passenger side  button got it...)        

One of the women at my office got a huge kick out of my random paint splatterings. I'm so glad my incompetence is fodder for so many.

Oh I'm sorry, where was I?
Ahhh yes... I was ... here:

With some matching trim....

And are you ready for it?

Because I made a matching pillow ...

Are you ready? Because here it is....

And there she is, all done. FINALLY!!!!

So many staples!

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  1. I LOVE the trim and the back fabric!!!! Not too shabby (chic) for your first attempt at furniture upholstery! She looks great :) Glad to finally see it!! YAY!

  2. :) I'm glad you like it!!

    I probably should have picked up some of the stuff on my floor before posting photos on the interwebs huh? I've got shoes and blankets and pillows strewn about. Totally the image I want to convey to people (eye roll) I've been so centered on getting this chair done!!

    the chair actually sits in front of my recliner so I can stare at it. not in a 'I'm going to sit here and admire my handiwork' sort of way but more in a 'good gravy this thing took a MINUTE to do and it was such a pain and ... I don't know what else to do with it right now and I'm just so glad it's done and ... I'm just going to stare at it...' kinda thing

  3. Oh yeahhhhhhh that is SO much better than the thing I was complimenting on facebook LOLOLOL!

  4. Girl you have the creative talent and the energy to go with it. Send some my way. I will certainly continue to follow. Come see me at Shabby Friends.

  5. Looks good! I must say that we are kindred spirits as I get paint everywhere too!

  6. To say I have energy would be an understatement, as any of my friends would tell you (much to their chagrin) I think they'd be happy if I'd share some of it with you so be expecting some Air Mail soon! I'll certainly be checking out Shabby Friends soon!! Thank you for stopping by! :)

  7. Maureen, I think there's a reason why I've never gone and played paint ball or a shooting range because I'm assuming with my aim, it could only mean catastrophe! And tears. Lots and lots of tears (the other people probably would cry too) Thanks so much for the comment!