Thursday, July 28, 2011

Table for one... or rather, why don't you make that ... Two!

It may seem like I've been slacking off but I've actually been keeping myself occupied with my next project which would be this little beauty:

Hello my friends,
Apparently I've been quite the slacker this week as far as posting to my blog but I figured after the postapalooza the other day with the chair, no one would really mind if I slacked off for a couple of days.

I've been keeping myself busy with my next little project, this sad little desk that I picked up for free. Someone had recently sold their house and were moving out and put out a sign for 'free furniture'. It was in a neighborhood that I've gone to before to check out garage sales and the houses are all hideous 80s style houses with hideous 80s style furniture so I almost didn't venture into the development but something told me to turn the car around and check it out. This desk was sitting there looking rather shabby and sad. It was late in the day and just about everything else was taken but no one seemed to be interested in this so.. score for me! I saw potential!!!

After keeping it in my kitchen for awhile to use as extra counter space (seeing as it's nearly non existent in the room as it is) I finally brought it out onto my back porch and gave it a real good sanding (or what I hoped was a real good sanding)

Getting whatever the pink stuff was off the table top was no easy feat but I think I did not too bad!

 The legs, especially the bottom, were very discolored and uneven and were very rough so I gave them a thorough sanding and wiped them down. My good friends will know that I am a HUGE Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe fan. Some may even say that I'm rather obsessed with the man and have quite the massive crush on him. Those "some" may just be right.

Look at that smile!!!

While sanding down the legs, I couldn't help but hear Mike in the back of my mind saying "I'm familiar with the motion" (if you'll pardon the implied crassness) and I suddenly got a fit of the giggles. So imagine the lil chubby girl sitting on her back porch in her tshirt and jogging shorts, cradling a table leg with a piece of sandpaper in her hand, shoulders shaking in a fit of giggles, dust from the sanding flying all over. Oh yes, I was quite a mess in so many, many ways.

Ahem.... sorry got a little distracted there.
Goodness goodness!

There are a lot of images online of Mike in the state of shirtlessness.... in case any of you were wondering....

Where was I?

Oh yes... legs...... legs ... hmm...  yaknow... Mike has some really nice legs. Very muscular. He's a hard working man. There's a lot to say about a man who isn't afraid to get a little dirty.


SANDING the legs ... of my desk. My next project. Yes. My project.. which is a desk... which is what this post is about. (But boy could I do a whole post about Mike Rowe!  Yessiree!!)

While taking apart the legs to the desk, I realized that someone at some time must have also tried to redo the desk because there were a few spots that showed (what I assume was) the original finish. I would have loved to have seen what this desk used to look like before it got so abused!  This was the only spot I really saw any finish on it (I hadn't yet started to sand it here so this is how the previous owner left it)
So... that's my next project. More to come! (AFTER I do some more internet searching. Yaknow... for umm... research type stuff... purely informational....)

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