Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just the staples

Hello my friends,

I thought I'd share some more of the bane of my existence/my pride and joy.... my chair.
As I showed you before, the chair started out looking like this:

I was inspired by several blogs that I follow to try and tackle this project. Knowing this was going to be a messy one, I went out and bought a canvas drop cloth as well as a paper one so that I could just roll up all the crud and toss it out.

And now ... just a blast of photos (mostly because I have a ton and I'm tired and don't feel like trying to think of anything clever to say about the photos right now than OH MY GOSH SOOOO MANY STAPLES!!!)

And so it begins .... 
So Much mess in here. I was surprised there weren't mice cuz it reminded me of a rat's nest (tho it wasn't)! YUCK


Almost done... 

This is the carnage. This is my work space. I was using a combo of a small flathead screw driver and a rubber mallet. I would put the head of the screw driver behind the tiny tiny tiny little staple (which I'm pretty sure was melted INTO the wood and fused with the super old fabric) and then I would hammer away with the mallet until the staple pulled away from the wood. Sometimes I was lucky and the staple would pop out. More often than not, only one leg of the staple came out. So then I'd grab my pliers (not shown) and I would get a death grip on the little staple and I would twist and pull with all my might (all the while, making the most RIDICULOUS faces because it's not effort if you're not sticking out your tongue and making faces!!!)

  I got it pretty much stripped down to it's full nakedness. The foam under neath was so old that it had disintegrated and it turned to dust. I was coated in the fine dust from the gross cushion. The vast majority of it was wedged between my toes. It also was coating my mallet and screw driver, thus making it especially enjoyable to try to grip and really get in there to pull the staples out.

And there she is in her full nakedness! My fingers were raw and callused, my patience was warn thin and my wrist was real sore so it wasn't as clean as it should have been but ... it was clean enough lol! More to come in another post (lots more!)
Till then!

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