Friday, July 22, 2011

I've got the over/under

Today's post has been inspired.. by a trip to the bathroom.

No no no this is not going to be your typical run of the mill 'potty humor'. Well, it's humorous (I hope) and it involves the potty area but ... that's about as far as it goes.
My first job was as a chamber maid at a Best Western back home. As a chamber maid, I had the ... pleasure ... of cleaning rooms after people. It's not as glamorous as it sounds (coffee grounds mashed into the walls, objects of indescribable origins ground into the carpets, German men answering the door in Just Their T-shirts...) Oh yes, I lived the high life back in those days!
As part of the room cleaning process, as you are all most likely familiar, we would take the last toilet paper square and fold it all nice and pretty for the next occupant of the room. Adds a touch of class, yaknow?

So, after several, I assume months (I've blocked from my memory the majority of my time there but assume I did not last years in this environment) I created quite a habit, if you will, that carried over to my personal life.
No. No no. I do not fold my last square of TP into neat little tissue origami. But I am, one might say, obsessive, about having my toilet paper go OVER the roll. (I just heard a few of my  friends chuckle because some of my closest friends know where this is going...)

Now, when I am home visiting my parents, they have a strict 'under' rule. I'm not sure why. But I have silently waged a battle with my mother on the over/under rule (I don't think she was aware that we were at war and if she's reading this, which is unlikely but you never know... Mom... IT'S ON!!!). Whenever I am home and making a visit to the bathroom, regardless of the purpose (tissue to blow my nose, a quick hand wash because the dog licked me, what have you) I... flip the toilet paper roll around in the holder.

Inevitably, when I go into the bathroom later, the roll has been reflipped to the WRONG way (that of course being under). This little fight has been going on for years. I don't know if my mother has really noticed it (it might even be my father that flips it back over but it seems more like something my mother would do). No one has ever spoken of this battle.

Before you ask, no the battle does not carry over to my house. My Over rule seems to be respected. Which on one hand is appreciated because I'm now an adult (technically) and this is my house and my rules etc etc etc but a little part of me cries inside that the battle is one sided.

This post is dedicated to Justin Scott who I know is laughing at me right now. ILY JSS 

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  1. but toilet paper is an 'over' thing!! it should NEVA be under.... Whenever I go somewhere and it's on wrong I will change it just for principle. I almost feel like I am 'searching' for the loose end when it's on wrong.
    Btw.....those of you 'underers' that are you pull the toilet paper off when you're on your head? Cuz that's the only time it would make sense!