Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm almost embarrassed ...

I thought it would be funny to post some photos of my .... ahem... erm... 'sewing case'.
This is the carrying case I use that keeps all my sewing and crafting paraphernalia. Mind you, I'm not BIG into crafting yet so this has served me okay over the years.
Yeeeep... that is your classic standard Kaboodle from the 1980s/ a lovely fashionable green/blue/turqoise and dark blue combo.  Shall we have a peek inside?

Yeaaah there she is. The top (with mirror) broke off about 15 years ago. I have little tiny stickers on the window part. I used to peel the stickers off the bottom of perfume and nail polish that I liked and would stick them on there to remember them.
I'm thinking it might be time to upgrade to a more ... grown up carrying case. What do you think??

Ignore the mess on the floor-- this is the guest room and I've been doing all the chair renos in here so the drop cloth is down and there's bits of fabric and staples randomly strewn.

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