Thursday, July 21, 2011

Have you seen my stapler?

Hello friends,
A few years ago I had purchased this little simple staple gun for small easy projects (I think I got it for replacing the fabric on my hope chest)

I've since moved on to a much bigger project. I went to Sears yesterday during my lunch and picked up a new stapler. Being the novice that I am, and considering the project I'm dealing with (more on that later. Honest!!) I asked the kind gentleman at the counter to assist me in choosing the most appropriate gun to attack my project and I got an awfully helpful 'geeidontknow'. So I just grabbed the biggest baddest staple gun there was that wasn't electric as well as the biggest ammo that didn't require a permit. (again, please keep in mind... I'm new to this!) Here is Big Bertha:
I didn't get a pic of her staples but I think they are 9/16 or something equally unnecessarily large and intimidating.

 Isn't she shiny?!

I have come across a big problem. I have little hands. Leeeettle leettle leettle hands. I am having the most difficult time centering the... ummm... nozzle gun barrel type thing ... onto my target and holding it tight... and squeezing the handle because the handle is too wide and I can't get my hand all the way around it. My hand is more comfortable closer to the fulcrum (those of you who are familiar with staple guns must be rolling at me and my ignorance of staple gunning, I know!) This, of course, is not only making it difficult to get a good shot off in the  first place because you're Supposed to squeeze closer to the end of the handle (something to do with physics or whatnot. I was not good with math and science in school, obviously) but also, my efforts at trying ever so hard to squeeze the handle at  the wrong place (but it's so comfy!!!) is making me also lose my mark and causing misfires. Also, (and I assume this is more because I probably got the wrong size staples for the job) the staples are standing out a good quarter inch if not further from it's intended target.

If I try to hammer them in, they either bend in the middle into a lovely, yet useless, M shape or they fold over like a sad deflated goal post. Also useless but only slightly lesser so.

And this... is today's kvetch. Any (constructive) suggestions?  Yaknow.. .besides 'give it up you silly twit' or 'yeah, get a different stapler and staples that are the right size DUH'  :)

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