Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy chairs to you until we meet again

I decided as my first real DIY project to reupholster this chair and what a nightmare! I'm blaming the bad paint job on the fact that I decided to do it in 100 degree weather. That's my story and I'm sticking to it (It had NOTHING to do with the fact that I'm impatient to get the chair finished or the fact that I felt that ALL neighborhood eyes were on me seeing as 6 different houses look into my back yard where I did the painting) 

Picture this: A hot summer day in the Boston suburbs. A chubby girl stands arms akimbo staring down an old naked chair with visions of french shabby chic-ness dancing in her head. Two cans of antique white spray paint bulge from her shorts pockets. Squinting in the bright sun, beads of sweat dripping onto her sunglasses lens, temporarily blinding her. She reaches for a can of paint, her thumb flicking at the bottom the can cover. It doesn't budge because it has a squeeze top release. But that doesn't deter our heroine from trying a few more times to flick the can cover off. Finally getting the picture, she reaches over and squeezes the top, deftly revealing the pristine nozzle. She gives the can a hardy shake and with nary a flinch of the eye, she aims and she shoots. The intoxicating aroma of the combination of aerosol and latex waft in the breeze as her arm and can move in concert, the pant spray quickly conquering all that it comes in contact! A shot to the left, a shot to the right. Soon all traces of hideous bespeckled wood have been vanquished leaving only a glorious lustrous white finish. 

The can, like our heroine, now spent,  tossed dismissively into the pile of rubble next to the old abandoned garage (to later be retrieved and disposed of as recommended by the warning label as any responsible DIY'er should always do!!!). A slow sweaty smile of satisfaction graces her sun beaten face. She lowers herself into an awaiting adirondack chair to toss back an ice cold bottle of water and relish the feeling of completion. 

Ok actually I just stood there and waved the can of paint like a wild woman, with a rebel yell silently playing in the back of my head, trying to get as much paint on the chair and as little on me in as quick a time as possible because it was so so so SO hot... as is evidenced by a whole entire leg and part of an arm that was missed but ... I felt myself temporarily channeling Sophia Patrillo there and had to run with it :D

(Beth Bryan if you're reading this, thanks for the inspiration and hope you're getting a good laugh. Wasn't sure how to start the story and ... well you have to take inspiration where you can, right??) (and no, I didn't plagiarize this post, I copy/pasted this from an email I sent Beth the other day. Her blog has been a huge inspiration to me!) 

So this is my big project that I previously alluded to. I'll be posting progress photos from when I was getting the chair naked *cat calls!!* and divulging some of the down and dirty nitty gritty and all embarrassing trouble I have gotten myself into over the past couple weeks (yes, this has taken me a few weeks SO FAR). With, of course, photos! 

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  1. :) Welcome to home decor blogland my friend! It's like Zombieland, but with staple guns.