Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dinner and a show

Yesterday was my 1st floor neighborlady's birthday. I think she'd kick my butt if I announced how young she turned. She's certainly older than me by... a handful of years.

I had intended on taking her to Essex to go to the antiques shops but it was so hot and humid, we'd have both wilted (the two of us being such delicate flowers). We were also going to go to a local clam shack for dinner with her best friend. We rescheduled for today and at 5 I ran downstairs (after spiffing up a bit) and picked up FFNL (1st floor neighborlady) and we drove to pick up her bff (heretoforthwith The Menace) and we headed to Johnny D's.

The dinner started with a bang, with FFNL telling me 'Jamie, I don't want to start a fight... so I'm just going to tell you that I am going to pay for myself and for The Menace here' and I just smiled and nodded and said 'ok... except you're not.' She tried to fight except I reminded her that there was to be no fight. Luckily our waitress showed up and interrupted in time.

Denise continued the theme by telling me I looked familiar and asked if we'd met and if she looked familiar to me to which I'd said no. Then she said 'No! I know what it is! You look a lot like Lindsay Lohan!' Something I've NEVER heard before and still not sure how I feel about such a comparison. I... think... it's a compliment. I mean, she may have made some poor choices in her life but .. she is... cute... I guess. Apparently it's all in the eyes and in my smile. Go figure.

After a few table visits and some good conversation with Denise, we found out that she is a 2 year breast cancer survivor which is just amazing. It was so great to talk to her and I could have talked to her for hours just to hear her story and her experiences. She proudly wore a beautiful Swarovski pink ribbon pin on her uniform tie and a gorgeous Confetti bracelet (unfortunately I can't find an accurate link to the website but as soon as I find one, I'll update the posting because it was beautiful!!). She sat down at our table to talk to us which many may have found off putting or unusual but it was such a powerful personal conversation that it felt right. It certainly felt too awkward, talking about her experiences while she stood in such a formal 'official' manner. What was so great about the conversation was that it wasn't sad or melancholy. It was very cheerful and positive and I can't wait to visit the restaurant again!

I had ordered a glass of wine with my dinner and it was delicious and the glass was passed around the table for FFNL and The Menace to try as well. The Menace kept sipping away and there's question as to how much it may have gone to her head because she certainly was a happy woman at the end of the evening!

There are certain topics that are completely off the table for me due to the fact that the mere mention of said topics just send me into fits (and no I won't tell you what these topics may be as I know that there are certain people out there... and you know who you are... who would use this information against me on a fairly regular basis and I refuse to give you such ammunition against me). Unfortunately this evening, FFNL brought up one of such topics purely by accident. I let her know how touchy the topic was with me but, bless her soul, the woman kept going, absolutely oblivious. I kept cringing. What was funny, however, was that The Menace caught on rather quickly and kept giving FFNL death looks and jabs with her elbow and kept warning her that I had JUST mentioned I didn't like certain topics to be discussed. While I was disturbed by the topic at hand, I couldn't help but laugh and laugh and laugh as The Menace went to bat for me and practically beat up her friend for pressing on!

Towards the end of the evening, while having another conversation with Denise the Fantabulous Waitress, we started talking about how the 3 of us met. FFNL and I met, obviously, because we live in the same building. She moved in the day after I. She and The Menace have been friends for ages. I met The Menace this past halloween. I had intended on sitting on the front steps (which is what we did in the city) and hand out candy to the kiddos, to avoid running up and down 3 flights of stairs. FFNL saw me sitting on the steps and invited me in. The Menace was there and we were introduced. The 3 of us ended up sitting in FFNL's living room for hours that evening, just chatting away and having a great time.

Of course, snarky me, I told Denise that FFNL and The Menace shared a jail cell and that's how they met all those years ago.  And now, I live above FFNL and she's a bad influence on me and is quickly corrupting me. Because that's how I roll. :D

Anyway, it was a really great night ... a lot of fun with really fantastic company. No photos or anything for this post, just a lot of rambling.


  1. so this house you share with FFNL? is it a halfway house?

  2. Hahahah I just snorted! That's awesome! I'm going to have to tell her that when I speak with her next.

    Which reminds me ... did I ever tell you the story of when I lived in a halfway house?

    On accident.

  3. you have not. do.tell.

  4. Ohh I forgot to mention- a large group came in for dinner while we were there -- at least 6 or 8 people. And they were stoned out of their minds and they absolutely WREAKED so bad of pot. I'm pretty sure we got contact high and that may explain why it turned so silly towards the end. The whole time we were eating, the AC would catch their pot stench and send it our way. It was nasty! And this wasn't a dive restaurant. It's a very classy place.

  5. A day in the life of Jamie... love it! I can always find a chuckle when reading your posts and blogs (when I can remember how to find it!)