Friday, July 29, 2011

Desk part 2

A much less painful project, relatively speaking, I was able to finish the table in 24 hours which was nice. I'm all about quick turn over!

Hello my friends,

I stopped at my local hardware store on my way home from work the other day and grabbed a can of spray paint (sidebar: I was checking out and the man at the register got my change wrong and I chuckled and corrected him and he reached out and touched my arm and said 'I wouldn't want to be a member of any establishment who would have me!' and I laughed and said 'Alright, Groucho!!' and he looked at me with shock that I knew the quote and the origins and I said 'I'm not as young and naive as I look!' He said 'Young!! You're just a BABY!'). I only grabbed 1 can because I figured that should be enough, maybe run back for a second for a little spot fix-up considering I was able to paint my chair plus a wicker basket and a couple other items with one can.

Boooooy was I wrong!!!

I can't believe just how wrong I was!! This ... mess... a can.

I hopped into the car and ran to the next town over to my favorite hardware store and picked up some supplies

Now, you may ask 'Jamie! Why did you pick those all up after the fact??' Well I'll tell you ...  They say a pictures says a thousand words ...


(Wow that second photo is NOT complimentary AT ALL! I swear I do not closely resemble Andre The Giant in Any Manner!! HONEST!!! )
I hopped in my car and headed to the hardware store and caught a quick look in the mirror and ... yes that is not only white paint streaked through my hair ... but yes... also white nostrils. I could not stop laughing!! (OK I stopped laughing long enough to take these VERY serious looking self portraits) Luckily I had some napkins in the car before I got to the store because... that would have been embarrassing!

And the gloves? Please allow me a moment to gripe. I am a woman... with very small hands. From wrist to tip of middle finger it's not even 7 inches. Across the palm of my hand, it's hardly 3 inches. I have ... SMALL hands. This is especially troublesome in the winter when I purchase gloves or mittens and I have excess finger tips or when I purchase utility gloves because I have excess EVERYTHING. I refuse to purchase women's gloves because I thnk they are ridiculous. Just because I'm a woman, I don't require flowers and frills and pink or other 'pretty' colors. And just because I'm a woman does not mean that I'm going to work any less hard than a man, thus necessitating my gear being of lesser quality. I want the same gear as men... just smaller.
Why I needed gloves:

Me in my ridiculously huge gloves:

How did I know my measurements so well? Because I keep a tape measure in my purse at all times:

Back to the desk... I went back to painting... using the same Krylon Gloss in White. It jut was NOT covering!

I, in my infinite patience and wisdom, held the can of paint close to the wood in hopes of the paint actually... yaknow ... sticking and covering the wood... which of course resulted in lots of drips... but at least it was covering. But I was frustrated. I'm going to blame it on the fact that I was doing this on my crappy back porch that maybe wasn't AS well ventilated as it should have been. HEY! I had a fan in the window at least!!!

(Maybe should have opened the screen?)

The splatters on my lovely Asbestos shingles were already there (yeah... Asbestos WOO) but the shaded white on the carpet? Yeah that was all me. 

A light coating of white covers the entire porch now. And no, I do not have the camera held at an angle, my back porch has a fantastic slope to it (that is a gripe for a future posting, I assure you.) I actually had a lovely set up back here for awhile with my day bed and a side table and all sorts of loveliness but I got tired of nearly rolling off the seat every time I sat out here plus I have some issues with spending qualityquantity time with asbestos. Something about it just ... doesn't sit well with me. So for now, it's just holding my coffee and end tables until I remember to drag them out to the trash (stupid crappy particle board)

But again, I digress.

While waiting for the paint to dry last night between NUMEROUS coats, I was checking out some other blogs online and a simple sentence on JC's website My Rustic Cottage Life inspired me to take a momentary detour...
My mother gave me this stool for Christmas one year which she got at Christmas Tree shop. I had once painted all my furniture different colors when I moved into a new apartment in Syracuse and the stool got the Green Treatment.

I still had some paint left in my can from painting the chair and wicker basket so I gave the stool a shot

I didn't sand it down or anything.. painted bright green, the STOOL took the paint just fine. So I don't know WHAT the heck is wrong with the paint or the desk (yes, I'm still bitter) I had considered putting some foam over the top and then using what's left of the fabric from the back of the chair. I only have the 3 inch foam used for the seating and that's a bit much for this stool so I just put the top back on but I may revisit this idea.

When I got up this morning, I went to check on the table and most likely give it a few more shots of paint.

And this is what I get from all my hard work and ... well no patience but ... I worked hard!!! (sigh) Why do you hate me?!?!

Now, I'm all out of paint (3 cans!!!) so it's going to stay as is for now. I might sand it up or just let it get beat up a bit and see how it works itself out. Only one leg came out real nasty, a second only kinda nasty so I put them at the back of the desk against the wall. I will likely sand it down and paint it again... using a different brand paint and hope for the best.

And here it is in it's new home ... and it's new designation. I haven't yet purchased the new knob for it but that will be this weekend.

The chair in her new habitat with the newly painted stool:

The chair, stool and the wicker basket: 

And the rest of the guest room:

(Mary, I gotta say I was thinking of you the whole time I was planning this post because I knew you would be laughing especially at the self portrait!!) 

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