Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Ravioli

Hello my lovelies!
I may have mentioned recently ... I love anything pumpkin. And it is pumpkin season YAY!
I was craving some pumpkin the other night so I made some pumpkin raviolis.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The secret's in the sauce

Hello my lil lovelies,
The following is a public service announcement. If you are out and about in your favorite Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx and while perusing the aisles see this jar:

grab it. Do not hesitate. Grab every single jar that is on the shelf. Yes, I realize the price tag says $4.99. Yes I realize that may be a little pricey for a jar of pasta sauce. You. Will. Thank. Me.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Big Bertha

She's all mine now. After months of waiting, finally got the behemoth moved into my apartment from DSNL's back porch. Now that I have her, I have to figure out what I'm going to do with her. I have NO CLUE. The veneer is peeling away and in some places on top has completely chipped off.  The door knob and drawer pulls are beautiful and I like the inlay. But as it is otherwise, it's in rather rough shape and I need to do something with it. Suggestions are not only welcome but actively sought if not borderline being begged for :D 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Winter spring summer or faaaaaall

I am a summer girl. I love summer. I liiiiiiiive for summer. I love the smells of summer, the fresh air, the ocean, the summer breeze which makes me feel fiiiiiiine. Flipflops, bathingsuits, tank tops, shorts, long days of sunshine. Everyone is happy. I love summer.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11

Hello my friends,
On this 10th anniversary of the attack on our great nation, I thought I'd join in with everyone else and share with you where I was 10 years ago today.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Flood photos, heart break and pride

Sorry I've been AWOL lately but I've been home trying to help clean up after the floods from Irene and I've been managing a fb page that provides info for the victims of the floods back home so I haven't had much time to be blogging.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cmon Irene... give us a break already!!!

Tonight's post for once is a serious non snarky post. In light of the crazy devastation that has been left in the wake of Hurricane Irene which has left at least 21 people dead across 8 states so far, I thought I'd add to the thousands of posts already out there about how the devastation is impacting them.

Give a hoot! No really, give one ... to someone

Hello lovely lil duckies!

An update on my sad lil owl from last night-- I was up early this morning and I made this guy:
Like me, he does not photograph well.
I brought him downstairs to FFNL's apt to present him to FFNL's granddaughter and I got a HUGE hug for him (YAY)
Apparently he's well liked

and makes a good pillow

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Whooooooo are you who who... who who

Hello my lil duckies,

The title of this post really should be 'what is this' but I have that song stuck in my head due to owl googling.

Tonight I tried my hand at crafting something I've been wanting to do for awhile. I've been seeing all these adorable little owls all over the place

I really wanted to try my hand at making them. So I did a google search and I came across this tutorial. My owl should have come out resembling this:

And what my impatient not so great instruction following lazy butt produced for a sweet deserving 10 year old animal loving girl... is this:

I've been advised by some knowledgeable young ladies that it kinda looks like an owl. They think.

So there ya go.

Oh I just changed its eyeballies to this:

Apparently it's now 'John Lennon Owl' wearing shades cuz he's nocturnal. *shake my head* Oh my friends.

Updated: Apparently didn't give enough seam allowance and a few seams just popped. *tosses it over my shoulder*

Friday, August 26, 2011

I've got some black drawers I want you to take a look at ...

Hello my sweet lil duckies,
I figure I've been rather negligent recently so I'd slam you with a bunch of blog posts to make up for it so that I don't feel bad when I neglect you again for a few days. :D You're welcome!

Back in the day, the days that I have slowly been shoving back into the deep deep recesses of my mind when I toiled away in Syracuse, I had a roommate. Before I had the roommate I had The Ex. Before The Ex, I had no dresser. The Ex furnished me with a dresser that his SIL dragged out from the back of a trailer they kept in their yard for storage. The dresser was one of those tall manly dressers that were old and ugly looking and from being in storage for so long, it STANK. I tried cleaning out the drawers. I scrubbed them, I aired them out for days end. I could not get the stench out. Eventually came along the roommate who didn't quite mind the tall dresser. He had a short long dresser which I'd always wanted. His was old and equally ugly in a simple old wooden kind of way (sorry, no pics of either) so we did the logical thing (a rarity) and we swapped.

As soon as I took possession of his ugly dresser, I set about painting it and replacing the knobs and now it looks like this:

I've had it for over 10 years now and I'm bored with the look of it. I don't yet have a true color scheme in my bedroom.  I have a boring old bed that looks like this (tho not even remotely as neat and pulled together and the bed is much darker and closer to Black than gray)
I have a long standing love for Poppies. It started when we lived in an old farm house in the middle of no where and beautiful delicate wild poppies grew on top of a compost pile behind one of our barns. I used to pick them and press them between the pages of my bible. I tried to keep them in a glass of water but they withered and died in no time :(

So now I keep them on my depressing dreary office-grey unimaginative bedroom walls:

Water! waaaaaaaterrrr!!!

OK I admit it... I drink straight from the jug when I'm thirsty.  I stand in the doorway, pop the cap off and throw my head back and chug a lug lug.

 Being that this is YET ANOTHER shameful secret (hah I first typed 'shameless'. Paging Dr. Freud! Guess deep down I really AM ok with this!) if I want a drink at night and my windows are open, I'll leave the lights out and I'll close the fridge door and then toss back.

You should know, I only do this with water. I refill empty milk jugs (or ice tea jugs) with tap water. Also- I have two jugs. One that I drink directly from and one that company drinks from that doesn't have backwash. You're welcome, future visitors! You're welcome!

Further: Why do we spell 'fridge' with a 'd' but 'refrigerator' without?

And final thought:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

L-O-L-A Lola

Hello my lil lovelies,

I was up at 3:30 this morning t get ready to bring FFNL to the hospital for scheduled surgery. She had to be here by 5 and even though I am a light sleeper and the slightest noise wakes me up, I always wake up super early before my alarm goes off in case my alarm doesn't wake me up. Odd, I know. I have my alarm set to the radio. Back in the day, I had the buzzer go off and it would scare the bajeezums out of me. It was not as enjoyable as you may imagine to wake up every morning to a heart attack. So I got a new alarm clock that's all sorts of fancy schmancy and it turns on to the radio (yes I realize most alarm clocks do just that but I wanted a fancy schmancy alarm clock. shoosh!)

I'm not all that familiar with driving around the city because I usually take the train when I'm in the city because it's so much easier but I was not about to make FFNL take the train to surgery at the buttcrack of dawn so I drove her in. I bought a Garmin GPS last summer which I just adore and could not possibly function with out so I set it up and headed on my way.

FFNL commented a few times on it and I told her how I have the system set with the British woman's voice. When my cousin AAron and his girl friend came out to visit this summer, we decided to name her Lola because the name seemed to fit her. We needed a name for her so that we knew what to refer to her as when we cursed her out. You see, Lola has it out for me.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Egg on your face

Hello my lovely lil duckies, 

I was at my local grocery store (which I'm thinking I may no longer frequent due to several recent issues such as many many many MANY expired foods inadvertently purchased. YES I realize I should have checked the expiration dates on the items when I put them in my basket but I wasn't expecting for nearly everything in my basket to be expired... some by several MONTHS!!!) I wanted to pick up a carton of eggs and ... 

the egg section was TWICE the size of what's shown in this photo and Every Single Carton was brown eggs. Not a single carton contained white eggs. This wasn't the first time this had happened at this store. Nor was it the second or third. 

Now, I consider myself usually a relatively intelligent woman. Relatively. I know there's no difference between brown and white, in the end. I even did some quick research on the innerwebs before posting this entry to be sure I had info to back myself up and indeed: 

According to this, "White shelled eggs are produced by hens with white feathers and ear lobes. Brown shelled eggs are produced by hens with red feathers and red ear lobes. There is no difference in taste or nutrition between white and brown eggs." ..."They simply come from two different breeds of chickens. Brown eggs, however, are more expensive because the chickens that lay them eat more than those that lay white eggs."

First thought: Hens have earlobes???
Second: Which do you prefer? Brown eggs or White? I've always bought white because that's what Mom always bought. And yes, I left the store without eggs. 

THIS is my kinda brown shelled egg. Mmmmmm 

To-do list

Hello my darling duckies,

Last night I was enjoying the company of FFNL and she asked me what I usually do when I get home from work or what I do on weekends. I was kinda stumped because I don't have any real routine.
 Living alone and being single and not having kids or pets, I don't really have any true responsibilities so I can kinda do whatever I want (which is basically not a whole heckofalotta) which I'm pretty sure isn't the norm. It's not that I just come home and go straight to bed or spend the second I walk in the door until bed time playing online.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What? Me?? Quirky?! Pshaw!

Hello my lil duckies!!

I'm sitting here in my nice comfy recliner watching tv on this fine slightly dreary Saturday morning. It's been a crazy weekend so far.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

You're the inspiration...

Hello my lil duckies,

Sorry, trying something new there. I kinda like it. What do you think?

I thought today I would share some photos of inspiration. Long before I ever thought about starting a blog, I've been saving photos from websites of rooms or things that inspire me.I have such an over flow on my computer (I was trying to clean up some folders the other night) that I thought I'd share with you. Unfortunately because I never intended on sharing them in a public forum, most of the photos I do not have sources for. If they are yours or you know the source, please let me know so that I may give the proper credit! Because I have been getting Better Homes and Gardens email newsletters for years and love their rooms, a lot of these photos may have come from there.

Relatively certain this is BHG
 My favorite color is blue so you'll most likely see a lot of blue in my inspiration postings. I loved the walls and the drapes but I absolutely love the slipper chair

BHG as well I believe
 As most of my apartments have been in old houses with windows like this, I'm always looking for ideas on how to decorate with them and thought this configuration was neat. If only I had the fireplace too! Unfortunately I always have my dumb ol tv (Which I just can't be without!!) that always seems to make decorating in a lovely way like this rather difficult

 Another window inspiration but mostly I loved the look of the chair that was peeking out in the bottom :D

I have a pedestal table that looks just like this. It was my first purchase I made for my first ever all by myself apartment in Syracuse back in the day. I got it on clearance at Ames for $20. It's lasted me nearly 15 years now and is in great shape. I've thought several times about chopping it down into a coffee table size like this but I always stop short of doing it. I can't bring myself to make that cut!!!

I know I found this rather recently on a blog I stumbled upon and unfortunately I did not catch the name. I love retro kitsch stuff and I fell absolutely in love with this fridge!!!

And wouldn't these gorgeous dishes and bread box etc look fantastic in my some day dream kitchen with the fridge above???

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm in love...

I am in big fluffy pink heart love. In love... with a bowl. It's all the fault of my baby sister's best friend Jen. She sent me this link this morning to this ... fine red beauty:

 And now I am hopelessly in love. My love apparently can be bought for $115.

Which begs the question... am I a good deal and come at a bargain price? Or am I too expensive for your tastes and you might be afraid to break me at that price?


Monday, August 15, 2011

Art Deco oh no no!

Hello my lovelies,

I wanted to share with you today the... Actually I really don't know how to classify this. It's almost like an armoire (yes blogger, that is a word so please stop underlining it in red!!) or a chest or what because... well I just am not hip with the terms! FFNL (first floor neighbor lady) had found this and put it on the back porch and has since decided she didn't want it/need it so she offered it to me and ... never one to pass up on a great piece, I took her up on this little treasure!

I apologize for the crummy photo but I took it on the back porch and there wasn't a lot of room to move to get a good angle/shot of it. It has 4 drawers and then when you open the door on the left hand side, it's an open space such as to hang things from. I'm excited to get this and am trying to figure out what I want to do with it. It's very art-deco in style and I'm considering painting it white. The veneer is peeling away at the top. I'm not yet sure if I'll just secure it back down or if I'll try to remove it. It's a rather large piece (stands about 5 feet) and I love the inlaid details so I'm a little reluctant to paint it but it's also a very dated look.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how to finish this piece, I'd love to hear it! :)

I'm linking up to the lovely Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures  link party! Please check out her blog because it's fantastic!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flips and blankets- updates

Hello my lovelies,

I'm blogging from my phone so please excuse the iphones auto corrects (yeah let's blame anything non-sensical on my phone!)

I'm in upstate NY for the weekend visiting the fam and thought I'd amuse you (ok amuse myself) with some photos.

You may (or more likely may not) recall in my previous post "I've got the over/under" where I mentioned a quiet fight at my parents house over the proper placement of toilet paper on the spindle. I got in last night and had to replace a roll and of course, replaced it the Proper way.

When I got up in the morning and came down stairs for breakfast (and by breakfast I mean the biggest cup of coffee I could manage) and went into the bathroom again ....

Ohhhh yeah... the flip back!!

I had intended on doing the flip on my Aunt Tina and Uncle Pat at their house during the graduation party just for giggles... but my Awesome Aunt and Uncle roll the right way!

I, for some reason, couldn't upload photos from my phone onto blogger so I couldn't post until I got home and on my laptop.  I was going to post after the photo above however when we got back to my parents house last night after the party, my mother was flipping through the photos on my cell phone and came across the toilet paper pics. She asked me what was up with the pictures of TP and... I don't know if she recognized it was her own bathroom or not but I just laughed and said it was a joke with my friends. It was late... I don't think anything sunk in. I'm a truly rotten child, I know!!

P.S. I feel as though I should mention that I was standing next to the sink when I took these photos. I was not, I repeat, NOT sitting!! Also, the downstairs bathroom also is the laundry room in case any of you feel that maybe I was sharing a tad too much of my personal hygiene regimen

And in follow up to my blanket post while I was home, I slept in my baby sister's room and she apparently has hoarded all the afghans in the house so I got to take photos of the missing blankets:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A nice snuggle on the couch

Hello my lovelies,

I thought today I'd share with you a story and some photos!

About 10 years ago, I was living in an apartment in Syracuse near the Carrier Dome. I moved in with a bunch of strangers after having answered an ad in the paper (no craigslist back then!) I have lost touch with all of my roommates after all these years with the exception of one with whom I exchange Christmas cards every year along with a HAND WRITTEN letter of what has happened over the past year. Sometimes we even manage a letter mid-year!

We all shared a 5 bedroom apartment. Two of the bedrooms rotated out roommates a few times. Anyway... blah blah blah (totally lost my brilliant train of thought there. Honestly, this was heading in an amazing direction but ... well honestly, I'm sipping some wine, watching Peter, Paul and Mary on PBS whom I super fluffy pink hearts love and I'm being amused on the twitter watching a conversation among some of my favorite bloggers and... well... I just can't be bothered to be very eloquent) I had this one roommate, Bernadette, who ever so kindly one evening with the patience of a saint sat down with me to teach me to crochet!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday after vacation comes WAY too quickly

Hello my lovelies,

I know it's been awhile. I was on vacation this past week and didn't have a moment to get online! My baby sister (who is not so much a baby anymore at 21) came out to visit me for the week.  I won't share any personal photos of the people in my life but I'll share lots of scenery!! 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Desk part 2

A much less painful project, relatively speaking, I was able to finish the table in 24 hours which was nice. I'm all about quick turn over!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Table for one... or rather, why don't you make that ... Two!

It may seem like I've been slacking off but I've actually been keeping myself occupied with my next project which would be this little beauty:

Monday, July 25, 2011

This is the end, beautiful friends

I was going to wait a couple days to post the final product of the heinous chair but I know that there's *someone* who has been waiting to see and I've been keeping her in suspense so I won't make her wait any longer ...
A reminder of the ugly
 But first ... the rest of the journey to get there ....

Should have stuck to matchboxes

I have reason to believe my car is out to get me. I feel like I'm in a real life version of The Car ... except without as much gore and scary.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dinner and a show

Yesterday was my 1st floor neighborlady's birthday. I think she'd kick my butt if I announced how young she turned. She's certainly older than me by... a handful of years.

Just the staples

Hello my friends,

I thought I'd share some more of the bane of my existence/my pride and joy.... my chair.
As I showed you before, the chair started out looking like this:

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm almost embarrassed ...

I thought it would be funny to post some photos of my .... ahem... erm... 'sewing case'.

I've got the over/under

Today's post has been inspired.. by a trip to the bathroom.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy chairs to you until we meet again

I decided as my first real DIY project to reupholster this chair and what a nightmare! I'm blaming the bad paint job on the fact that I decided to do it in 100 degree weather. That's my story and I'm sticking to it (It had NOTHING to do with the fact that I'm impatient to get the chair finished or the fact that I felt that ALL neighborhood eyes were on me seeing as 6 different houses look into my back yard where I did the painting) 

Have you seen my stapler?

Hello friends,
A few years ago I had purchased this little simple staple gun for small easy projects (I think I got it for replacing the fabric on my hope chest)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mystery Chair

Hello friends!
About 6 years ago I was living in the dark dank desperately depressing city of Syracuse NY. My landlord was cleaning out his garage and he offered this rocking chair to me (which of course I snatched up!)
I have been curious about it ever since he gave it to me. It's small (short) but not child-size small (I should have taken the measurements before posting!) I'm tossing this out there to you all in hopes that someone might know some details as far as what the chair's original use may have been or any sort of information you may be able to provide to shed some light on the origins.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's story time!

For my first real post I figured I'd start it off with and make a BIG impression with a story! (Brace yourselfs kids, because I like to tell stories!)

My first blog!

Hi and welcome to my blog! I've never done this before so please be patient.

So what's the reason behind the name of my blog? Well, first and foremost, I'm snarky. But second to that, I have a lot of grand ideas of things that I would like to try. DIY projects and the like. I will try to be as honest in my attempts at these projects hence the good (hopefully a lot of good!) and more often than not, the bad. But always the snarky.